The foundation of memory and the life cycle of mobile phone

The above metaphor is really appropriate for mobile phones. How a person’s life is, the heart and brain play a key role. And a brain that’s better able to deal with all kinds of risks is better able to deal with all kinds of risks. The same is true for mobile phones. The quality of the processor and the size of memory determine the fluency of the mobile phone in the subsequent use process. Therefore, the choice of processor and memory indirectly determines the “service life” of a mobile phone. Mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone

is looking back at the reason for changing its mobile phone. Why is it possible to exclude the damage and loss of mobile phone? Most of our friends change their phones because of the fact that

mobile card is too slow to run. What we can’t do is that after the mobile phone has been used for a certain period of time, the cell phone will be slow. The reason for this is related to the processor and memory we mentioned. There are three main reasons for the slow operation of mobile phone card changing: < / P > < p > first, the mobile phone processor can’t keep up with it. In fact, the running speed of mobile phone is closely related to the mobile phone processor. The higher the frequency of the processor, the faster the mobile phone runs. A few years ago, the mobile phone processor has been slowly outdated, the processing speed has completely failed to keep up with, so the mobile phone will change card. Compared with the previous snapdragon 625 processor, the current high pass snapdragon 855 processor is no longer a gradient. A good processor determines the speed of the mobile phone, and affects the power consumption and heating of the mobile phone. < / P > < p > Second, the mobile phone is short of memory. There are two concepts of memory. We generally see 8GB + 128GB memory. The former 8GB refers to the mobile phone’s running memory, while the latter 128GB refers to the storage size of the mobile phone. The running memory of a mobile phone can be regarded as a buffer area. When we run software, the software will be temporarily put into this buffer area, that is, the running memory. When the mobile phone switches between different software, the size of the memory will affect the running speed. Sometimes, if the mobile phone opens too many software at the same time, it will change the card because of the opened software Has occupied a lot of memory, the mobile phone running memory is insufficient, resulting in stuck. < / P > < p > Third, the storage space of mobile phone is insufficient. This refers to the storage space of the mobile phone. The most common one is the 32GB iPhone. At that time, in order to use the iPhone, many friends chose the cheapest version of 32GB. However, after half a year’s use, everyone was shouting “32g is too small, one wechat accounts for 10Gb”. The lack of storage space will affect the speed of reading files, thus affecting the fluency of the mobile phone. At the same time, the file is becoming larger and larger, and the requirement of mobile phone storage space is higher and higher. < / P > < p > knowing the importance of processor and memory, how to choose processor and memory? How to choose a practical and cost-effective configuration? Privacy Policy