The front line Samsung Galaxy note20 series and Galaxy Z fold 2 appear, with both highlights and slots

After the exposure of big V and the outflow of spy photos, the Samsung Galaxy note20 series, which has gained enough market attention, was finally released on the evening of August 5.

at present, Samsung Galaxy has officially launched the Samsung pioneer program. The starting prices of these two models are $999 and $1299 respectively, which is much higher than the first launch price of the previous generation.

and Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2, which plays the leading role in Samsung’s “technology show”, has also met with you. As a new flexible screen mobile phone, it still adopts the design of folding inward. However, compared with the first generation, the outer screen is larger, reaching 6.2 inches, and the inner screen is 7.6 inches in size due to the removal of the cutting angle of the previous generation.

this time, the galaxy Z fold 2 adopts the design scheme of punching holes in the upper right corner. The position of the upper right corner is not easy to detect, and it will be more integrated in the visual effect. In terms of performance, the galaxy Z fold 2 has always been “tough”, equipped with a high pass snapdragon 865 + mobile platform, supporting a refresh rate of 120Hz and covering an ultra-thin flexible glass screen.

in addition, the galaxy Z fold 2 has been optimized in the hinge section. Samsung said it was inspired by the brush hair of the vacuum cleaner to design a hinge that can rotate and stop at multiple angles. It can be said that the galaxy Z fold 2 has become more mature and practical.

back to Galaxy note20 and note20 ultra5g, the outline of the two products is basically the same. The front side continues the design of the previous generation of central hole digging curved screen, but the back is slightly wider. In this series, the front of the note20 is equipped with a 6.7-inch face-to-face screen with a resolution of 2400 * 1080 and a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is not so much fun now.

the note20 ultra 5g, in order to emphasize its “machine king” status, has become the first product in the galaxy note series to carry the second generation of dynamic AMOLED screen supporting 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate. The screen size is 6.9 inches, and the resolution is 3200 * 1440. Whether it’s watching video or playing games, the refresh rate of 120Hz will bring more smooth experience.

Samsung note20 series image system is still a big selling point. This time, the note20 adopts a rear three camera design. The three cameras are 12 million pixel main camera, 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens and 64 million pixel long focus lens.

the three rear lenses of Samsung note20 ultra 5g are 108 million pixel main camera, 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens and 12 million pixel periscope long focus lens.

the maximum limit of the two models is 50x zoom. Maybe in Samsung’s opinion, higher zoom is of little significance and will not be used frequently in daily life.

in addition to the camera, the pen of soul, another highlight of Samsung Galaxy Note Series, has also been updated. Added a variety of gestures, even off the screen can complete the command. Similarly, the pen touch sampling rate reaches 120Hz, which makes the recording experience better.

However, there are some color differences between note20 and note20 ultra5g. Samsung note20 is available in three colors: Misty gold, ice mint and fir grey. It is equipped with polycarbonate body, which is not easy to leave fingerprints. Samsung note20 ultra 5g has a glass body and other colors, such as misty gold, obsidian black, and budding white. It seems that the title of “fingerprint collector” can not be evaded.

from the differences between the two in terms of screen, processor, camera and color, note20 adopts a lighter configuration, which is more bold and lively, similar to the “youth business style”; while the note20 ultra 5g uses the classic black and white gold combination, which is more stable in color, and seems to follow the “steady business style”. This is equivalent to expanding more consumers who prefer various types of “business style”.

However, as the flagship note20 series, its performance in fast charging is not brilliant. In the background of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers’ intensive charging technology of 100 watts, the 25 series of fast charging Note20 series and the official claim that “charging more than 30 minutes in 30 minutes by accelerating charging technology” is awesome. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia