The good news from Huawei is that “de beautification” has begun. This is the strength of Huawei

In recent years, the United States has been using some groundless reasons to target and restrict Huawei, especially in communications, mobile phones and chips, and the situation is particularly serious. Although Huawei is constantly releasing its own plans to deal with difficulties when facing pressure, it is still because of the suppression that delays its own development plan and speed, which is quite helpless. < / P > < p > whether Huawei’s mobile phones are banned in the United States, or they are persuading other countries to ban the use of Huawei 5g, or breaking the cooperative relationship between Huawei and various wafer factories, all kinds of situations indicate that Huawei does not want Huawei to develop further and better in science and technology. In this situation, Huawei can only temporarily give up the use of Hisilicon chips, and turn to MediaTek and other chip enterprises. This is also the “all-out solution” Huawei has to take. The occurrence of Huawei incident has also brought a lot of enlightenment to some enterprises. Although the United States is a big country in science and technology, it has guaranteed its own status for its own interests, and does not want others to develop and surpass itself. Therefore, after the ZTE and Huawei incidents, “de beautification” has become the most important plan and goal of many enterprises. Recently, Huawei has also received good news. After Ren Zhengfei went to Qualcomm in person, Huawei has started a new plan again, the Nanniwan project. In fact, the most direct intention of the Nanniwan project is to achieve “de beautification” through its own strength, and try to avoid the electronic components containing American technology or American enterprises, and push them rapidly Enter the development speed of other devices, such as laptop and smart screen products. So the plan is of great significance to Huawei. < p > < p > Huawei’s action this time has shown Huawei’s attitude, that is, to abandon the U.S. plan and to realize independent development. However, this road is doomed to be hard. On the one hand, the chips used in the pen business have always been Intel chips and Microsoft systems. Although there are domestic deepin systems in the system, the chips on computers have always been a problem. After all, Intel and AMD are basically dominating the PC chip market, but both of them are in the United States Enterprises. However, judging from Huawei’s previous deeds and “de beautification” journey, Huawei is likely to succeed. On the one hand, Hisilicon group, a semiconductor company affiliated to Huawei, has strong technology accumulation. Since mobile phone chips can be developed, computer chips are also possible. Kunpeng processor is one of Huawei’s achievements. Not only that, the manufacturing process of computer chips is not as high as that of mobile phones, so there are many opportunities in manufacturing. < / P > < p > at the same time, Huawei has self-developed ecological services as well as domestic deep, UOS and other self-developed systems. Therefore, it is not difficult for Huawei to replace Microsoft’s windows system and interact with other Huawei hardware. Therefore, the strength of Huawei makes us believe that Huawei has the opportunity to “turn over”. Although the chip is hindered, the semiconductor problem is not something that Huawei can solve. The fundamental solution for Huawei’s development is the concerted efforts of domestic enterprises. < p > < p > whether Ren Zhengfei started the talent training program in Colleges and universities before, or the relevant departments in China set semiconductor related majors as the first discipline at present, all of these indicate that China attaches great importance to the chip industry and plans for its future development. Therefore, from these perspectives, Huawei still has great opportunities for development, and “de beautification” has already begun. Once the “de beautification” is completed, the injured are American enterprises, and this is the real potential strength of Huawei. The U.S. crackdown on Huawei is just a “small episode” in Huawei’s development path. For Huawei, the problems it will encounter in the future will be much bigger than this. However, how can the development of science and technology be smooth? Therefore, only after experiencing the wind and rain, can Huawei achieve better results, master more cutting-edge technologies, and achieve a higher position. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12