The growing adventure of content creators

This is the growth myth shared by feiluoda, the author of Tencent News stars project and senior entertainment critic, in the “voice of midsummer night – Tencent News and content creators talking about live together”. A craftsman in the era of industrial mass production produces difficult long articles at a time cost not in line with the new media era. The value of the content should have many standards, but many platforms have one standard: the standard of blockbuster. This is the confusion of the big film industry in China. Before his death in 1924, the Austrian writer Kafka asked his closest friends to burn all his works after his death. Because his friend Brad refused the request and arranged the manuscript for him, so that later generations could see such great works. Kafka was unknown in his lifetime, and his value gradually became known as time went by. Du Fu, the “mountain peak” of Chinese classical poetry, had a rough life and a poor life in his later years. The name of “the sage of poetry” comes from the praise of the readers of all ages. Looking back at the present time, despite the earth shaking changes in the times, the industrial production capacity of the content industry has been greatly liberated, and the technology has improved the efficiency of information access and distribution, the dilemma facing the content creators still exists: how can content creation have both writing value and flow value? Is it to adhere to the creative concept of self, or choose to “surrender” to the flow and algorithm? < / P > < p > in the communication with some head content creators, we found that they also have such problems: the high expectation articles have low reading volume, but the unexpected content has surprising reading volume. How to win-win situation in valuable content and enough good data volume? < / P > < p > if we compare content creation to a product, a lot of costs have been put into the market for content products, but the “rate of return” measured by attention is not high. Because the competition is more intense. After the network equalization, the technical threshold of content creation has been flattened, the production of information products has appeared explosive supply, and the competition of various content forms, such as live broadcast, short video, long video, picture and text, has been cross category competition. In the situation of relatively excessive information distribution, extremely fragmented user time, and platform based content channels, it is more difficult for both the head content creators and the waist content creators to get more attention than ever before. < / P > < p > “adhering to high-quality content production is the root of rice video. Excessive pursuit of flow does not conform to the basic social values. There is a certain conflict between high-quality content and traffic, but the two backgrounds of industry selection and media background let rice video know the boundary and red line of the Internet. Therefore, it is the principle of rice video not to step on the red line and resist temptation. ” Qu Hairui, founder of rice video, believes that the content platform should strengthen the manual audit process and give more value judgment, otherwise the scope of user information access will become more and more narrow and low-quality. < / P > < p > at present, many content creators are still in the stage of survival and development. The title party, wool party, plagiarism party and other “bad currency” compete for the flow, which compresses the living space of high-quality content creators. Therefore, their focus is to give consideration to both professional value and flow value of content. According to Maslow’s demand theory, the pain points of content creators themselves are ladder like. < / P > < p > the shallowest layer is naturally the growth demand of security. This kind of security “conversion” to the content industry means that there is input and output, content products get “attention” report, and “return on investment” is guaranteed. On the next level is the growth needs of respect. The content obtains self recognition and other people’s respect, rather than the single dimension of attention. < p > < p > in the eyes of Farrow movies, this kind of self recognition is to write a history for the entertainment industry and to write a push back map about the future. As a serious and in-depth media, Xie Lirong, deputy editor in chief of Finance and economics magazine, believes that the transmission of more important values and reading taste is a problem that every content creator needs to think about, and needs to balance the short and fast with the depth. < p > < p > what goes further is the growth needs of creativity, leadership and influence. How to construct their own IP influence and stimulate the creativity and leadership of high-quality content. This kind of content creators have a wide range of attention, which can not be ignored in the construction of network public space speech order. Standards such as Wu Xiaobo from the financial sector, Zhang Wenhong from the medical sector, and Zhu Ning from the financial sector export professional knowledge and insights to help the public light the torch of world cognition. < p > < p > for example, the problem of the proliferation of the title party is beyond the control of the content creators themselves. Because of the lack of information, these headlines attract people’s attention only by their titles. After clicking in, users will question the content. There may be two reasons for this situation. On the one hand, the content team changes, which affects the quality of the content, resulting in the flow of fans; on the other hand, the content is not deep enough and relatively poor, which is more for the supply of advertising. < / P > < p > in the content supply market in 2020, the biggest change is the outbreak of new knowledge content. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, too busy to attend to all the new Tik, Tok, Rui Xing, Tok and A share bull market were all unsettled. Because the topic involves professionalism, many Internet discussions are based on opinions and emotions, divorced from the fact itself, making the event itself more complicated. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a common phenomenon.

faces these professional problems. Many people are hard to distinguish many information from reality. A rumor, known as Zhong Nanshan’s saying that gargling with brackish salt can prevent and treat new crown pneumonia, has been transmitted to tens of millions of social media. Who and other institutions have even created a term for this phenomenon – Information epidemic. < p > < p > insight into the urgent needs of users for new knowledge content. Tencent News launched the knowledge officer plan in early 2020. In the first half of the year, it introduced 700 knowledge officers and created 110000 knowledge content. In the second half of the year, it will look for 1000 knowledge officers in 160 disciplines to provide interesting and eye opening knowledge content. According to Wang Liming, a neurobiologist and professor at the Institute of life sciences at Zhejiang University, Tencent’s project for information officers coincides with what he had intended to do. There is a need for bridges and media between science and the public. To be an Internet celebrity is also a right given to scientists by the times. < / P > < p > in order to reach the public from a small circle, these professional contents need to be distributed effectively by the platform, and the platform needs to understand and respect the value of professional content creators, and provide support at the same time in content production and flow incentive. For example, Tencent News will provide knowledge officers with assistance in topics customization of hot subjects, video creation guidance and exclusive knowledge brokers. < / P > < p > for the content platform, this is not a technical problem, but a multiple choice question of platform values. One side connects the real user needs, and the other side connects the excellent content creators, so as to effectively match the high-quality content with the user needs, which is the path to break the content giving consideration to both professional value and traffic value. Only in this way can content creators realize self-respect and reader respect. < / P > < p > if you want to achieve the highest level of growth and get the creative, leading and influential experience brought by high-quality content, it needs content creators and even the content industry to re-examine the value of content. The consumption of information is not only to help users kill time, not just 15 seconds of instant satisfaction. It should have the power to penetrate time and help the public better understand the world they live in. < / P > < p > especially in 2020, the international situation is changing, the present and future are full of uncertainty, and all kinds of views and opinions are intertwined, which makes people unable to agree. The more noisy the world is, the more calm thinking is needed. Su Manli, member of the editorial board of Beijing News and head of shell finance and economics, said that it was once my confusion whether to produce what readers wanted to see or what we thought was valuable. However, after three years of persistence, she felt that institutional media has public value and should adhere to journalistic professionalism. In Su Manli’s opinion, Tencent News top plan provides a good direction, not to talk about heroes by traffic, but to encourage deep original and high-quality content. < p > < p > according to the data released by Tencent News, Tencent News invested 17 billion traffic incentives in the first half of 2020, and jointly created 100 IP columns with content creators. Among them, the traffic of 4 IP columns exceeds 200 million, that of 8 IP columns exceeds 100 million, and that of CO built IP columns reaches 74. < / P > < p > nevertheless, although the overall number of content producers has been increasing over the years, the market still lacks deep and good content. To solve the problem of lack of deep content, the incentive mechanism and ecological improvement of the platform are still needed. To this end, Tencent News launched the “Hubble plan” for exclusive in-depth content. The platform will provide multi-dimensional ways, such as special content purchase, exposure and recommendation of highly scarce recommended positions, online one-to-one VIP communication and docking, and offline customized meetings, so as to enlarge the influence of deep content. < / P > < p > as long Binghua, head of Tencent News Content ecology, said in his online conference, “facing the challenge of world uncertainty, platform and content creators can actually have a greater mission to help users understand the changing world and listen to a more comprehensive voice.” Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list