The highest loss of 8 billion dollars in the market! Qualcomm can’t sit still: competing for Huawei’s orders from the United States

Although the chip is small, it is the soul of the high-tech industry. With the rapid development of 5g, the high-end chip market pattern has been generally determined – five companies, namely, Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek, Huawei and Ziguang zhanrui, are competing. However, due to the “strong alliance” between Huawei and MediaTek, Qualcomm is “unable to sit still”. According to Sina Finance on August 9, Qualcomm is currently trying to lobby the U.S. government to obtain Huawei’s chip orders. According to the analysis of American media, there are two reasons why Qualcomm is in such a hurry. First, it is not Huawei’s only choice. Huawei can obtain necessary parts from other suppliers. If Qualcomm loses Huawei’s order, it needs to face the risk that its competitors can obtain up to $8 billion by selling components to China. In other words, it may lose Go to the $8 billion market. < / P > < p > Second, it has been disclosed in the market that Huawei has issued 120 million chip orders to its competitor, MediaTek, accounting for 66% of Huawei’s annual shipment volume. This is undoubtedly a “strike hard” for Qualcomm. What we need to know is that “big orders” are very important in the chip market. The larger the number of orders, it means that chip manufacturers need to share the R & D cost equally, the lower the production cost and the higher the revenue. Smart phones are often the source of “big orders” for chip manufacturers. < p > < p > referring to the rise of global wafer giant TSMC, TSMC has been able to surpass the old semiconductor giant Intel in just a few years, largely due to the “big order” of high-end chips delivered by apple and Huawei. It can be said that in the 5g chip market competition, whoever can win Huawei’s order will have the qualification to be the first in the market. However, Qualcomm seems to have missed the opportunity. < / P > < p > it should be noted that Qualcomm and Huawei have reached a settlement on the issue of patent use, and Huawei will pay about $1.8 billion for the use of patents. Based on this, the market has speculated that Huawei may enter into further cooperation with Qualcomm, such as the delivery of large chip orders, but in the end Huawei chose MediaTek. Thanks to Huawei’s “big order”, MediaTek’s revenue in the first half of this year reached 30.536 billion yuan, an increase of 12.4% year-on-year. In the second quarter, the market share of smart phone chips in China surpassed that of Qualcomm, ranking first. < / P > < p > some people may ask why Huawei has delivered such a large number of orders to MediaTek? In fact, it is not the first time that Huawei and MediaTek have “joined hands”. Since this year, Huawei has used the Xili series 4G chips or Tianji series 5g chips of MediaTek in seven mobile phones. The 5g new machines released in the second half of the year are also ready to use the chips of MediaTek. It can be said that the cooperation between Huawei and MediaTek has “shown early signs”. In addition, Huawei’s big delivery order is also related to Huawei’s plan to expand the proportion of chips purchased from abroad. Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, said at the 100 people’s Conference on China’s informatization held on August 7, Huawei needs to increase the purchase of chips from abroad to maintain the operation of its mobile phone product line. Some insiders also disclosed that, According to Huawei’s latest flagship mobile phone chip roadmap, many specifications of the diagram are dominated by MediaTek specifications. It can be predicted that the cooperation between Huawei and MediaTek will become more and more close in the future, and MediaTek will also rely on Huawei’s “big order” for further development. Skip to content