The house is no longer a “sweet cake”, in the next 10 years, there will be three outlets for making money, Ma Yun has already predicted

I wonder if you have heard of the word “tuyere”? Now let me take you to know it! The word “tuyere” appears in the Internet industry, which refers to a new Internet mode. After the Internet began to develop, in the past 20 years, there have been many outlets on the Internet. Tuyere is an opportunity to make money. If you can hold the tuyere, it is equivalent to seizing the opportunity to make money, and then relying on efforts, you can make a lot of money. For example, Tencent group, the leader in social affairs, Alibaba in shopping, meituan in takeout industry and so on have seized the opportunity, so they are developing very well. Each one is to seize the opportunity, rapid development, become the strong in various industries. < p > < p > wechat, the social software of Tencent group, uses more than 1.2 billion users, compared with only 1.4 billion nationwide. Except for the elderly and children, almost all those who can use mobile phones have wechat. The huge flow information behind this can make wechat make a lot of money; and Taobao, the number of people using it every second is increasing, especially in the annual double 11, which takes less than 2 minutes, the transaction volume is just about 2 minutes Breaking through 10 billion yuan, this is a shocking consumption amount. You can imagine how popular Taobao is, and how much money is earned year by year, sometimes even several times. < p > < p > today, Alibaba’s annual profit has exceeded the profit value of China’s four major banks. However, in addition to the Internet industry, there is another industry that is also very profitable, that is, the real estate industry. < / P > < p > in the past 20 years, real estate has always been the most profitable industry. If we could buy a flat in a first tier city 20 years ago, if it was 300000 at that time, then the value of the house is estimated to have reached 3 million, which may be higher. So before people had money, they used to buy houses and sell them after appreciation. They could make a lot of money. It can be imagined that the house has always been very valuable, especially in the four first tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the house prices are extremely high. Many young people can’t live in big cities because the price of their houses is too high, and their monthly salary is not enough to repay their mortgage, let alone survive. So a large number of young people choose to go back to their hometown to develop, Similarly, there are also young people who pursue the prosperity of big cities. They want to stay in big cities even though they are out of their heads. It doesn’t matter what kind of jobs 996007 is. They work a few jobs and suffer from physical damage without rest. As long as they can afford to buy a house. < / P > < p > China is the country with the largest number of real estate tycoons, and many of them are real estate developers. Banks make money from both sides. On the one hand, they lend money to developers to build houses and earn high interest. On the other hand, they lend money to individuals to make a down payment to buy a house, which can be said to be the biggest winner. Speculators also make a lot of money. Speculation is one of the most profitable methods in the past. Because of the existence of real estate speculation, house prices remain high, and people “turn pale when talking about houses”. However, by this year, the real estate industry has been in a saturation period. With the government’s measures and house purchase policies, the house prices in the future should gradually fall. There are also a lot of funds to be restricted from investing in real estate by the state. There are also policies to control house prices and the policy of only living without speculation. In the future, the real estate industry will not be as popular as before. < / P > < p > in this way, in the future, the house will no longer be the same as before. What industries can gradually replace the status of the real estate industry and become a profitable industry? Or, the following three tuyeres will be a very profitable industry, Ma Yun has long predicted, and began to layout. < p > < p > 01. As we all know, today’s society has been slowly developing towards science and technology, and many things are slowly being studied, replacing artificial with technology. For example, some restaurants have already used robots to replace waiters to serve customers; Jingdong has already tried to use robots instead of couriers to deliver express delivery, and so on. Ma Yun predicted that in the next 20 years, 50% of social work will be replaced by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will become the most popular and profitable industry in the future. In different industries, intelligent machines will gradually appear, and artificial intelligence will gradually develop. With the development of artificial intelligence, the overall production efficiency will be improved, and the technology in China will be improved. In the past, it was forced by the United States because of inferior skills. Perhaps in the near future, artificial intelligence will lead China to surpass the United States! Nowadays, the age of cancer is getting younger and younger. Many people realize that they should pay attention to their health. Otherwise, if they are not healthy, it is useless to earn more money. If they can’t spend it, they will be busy in vain. Now people are not only satisfied with the state of full and warm clothes, but also learn to enjoy it. They should live in a big house, buy a good car, eat meat and vegetable dishes, pay attention to health, soak a cup of medlar water sooner or later, eat less fried food, less sugar and less ice, and do more exercise to keep healthy. < / P > < p > indeed, if you make a lot of money, but your health is damaged, then you can’t spend any more money, which is also a waste of effort, so you should pay attention to rest and keep healthy. Big health is an industry, involving medical treatment, medicine, health care and many other aspects. It takes a long time for big health industry. From birth to death, all kinds of health projects are needed. Ma Yun once said that the richest man in the future will appear in the big health industry. Indeed, at present, health is the most important thing. So if we can persist in and develop in the health industry, the business will only make no loss. This year, affected by the epidemic situation, many people in the live broadcasting industry are not going out of their homes. Watching the live broadcast of online celebrities at home involves a lot of content. It covers a wide range of daily necessities and cosmetics. Walking on the street, you can often see a lot of Internet Celebrities holding mobile phones for live broadcast. Now there are also some physical stores that also do online live broadcasting to attract customers. Every major live broadcast software is scrambling to grab the first-hand heat of live broadcasting. They are all in various layouts, trying every means to make the heat of each channel go to the live broadcast. < / P > < p > the emergence of the live air outlet and the continuous development of the live broadcasting field may give some enlightenment to the e-commerce industry, constantly sum up experience and constantly improve to create a better e-commerce industry. < p > < p > in fact, as long as you observe carefully, if it’s a tuyere, there will be many big companies and big bosses competing to develop. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, big health, live broadcast, or other industries, once you grasp it, you should seize the opportunity and develop bravely. Otherwise, even if you know the outlet and don’t put it into action, it’s useless. Ma Yun once said, for a new thing, generally will experience such a process, people can’t see, look down on, can’t understand, and too late. If you find out too late, it will be too late by then, and the opportunity to make money will slip away from you. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!