The interior furnishings of space tourism spacecraft are exposed, and the ticket price starts from 250000 US dollars

Recently, Virgin Galactic announced the interior design of spaceship 2. This is a commercial rocket ship that plans to carry six passengers to space travel, including six seats and a specially designed “space mirror”. George Whitesides, chief space officer of Virgin Galactic, said that the space travel market is very huge. There are millions of people with net assets of tens of millions of dollars worldwide, and tens of millions of people with $5 million. These people can afford space travel. So far, 600 people have signed up for space travel, with a ticket price of $250000. < p > < p > Virgin Galactic says its ultimate goal is to make consumers feel the earth perfectly from space. Respondents participating in VR experience said that when the commercial route is opened, there will be six seats on the spacecraft, and each seat has a window, so you can get a good view no matter where you are. There are 16 cameras in the cabin that will record consumers’ space travel experience from all angles. During the journey, consumers can see the earth behind them, and they can also unfasten their seat belts and experience the feeling of weightlessness. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”