The iPhone 12 can return to the classic, and the new color navy has become a highlight

Whether the iPhone 12 will arrive as scheduled on September 16 is also debated on the Internet. While people are discussing, there are new news about the iPhone 12 series. According to foreign media reports, the full range of iPhone 12 was exposed, including the addition of navy blue. < / P > < p > for a long time, the color matching of Apple mobile phones has been regular, and there is no big breakthrough. Most of them are gray, white and black. It is known that rose gold has been introduced in iPhone 6S, which has quickly become the favorite color of Apple fans. On the iPhone 5C, five colors of blue, white, green, yellow and pink have been introduced at one time, and many people even enjoy collecting the back shell of the iPhone 5C. < / P > < p > Apple seems to have seen consumers’ love for it, so many colors have appeared in several subsequent iPhones, and this year’s iPhone 12 series seems to continue this classic color matching. < / P > < p > all four models use OLED screens, of which the first two are 60Hz refresh rate screens, and the last two models support 120Hz high refresh rate screens. The overall appearance style will refer to the previous iPhone 4, that is, the retro metal frame and strong line design. With the new color matching, can this design style return to the classic and win the favor of users. < p > < p > of course, the performance of the iPhone 12 is the most important concern of fruit fans. Among them, bionic A14 will become a major focus. This is the most advanced 5nm process technology, and its performance has been improved by 38% compared with the previous generation, and it also supports 5g. New product launch