The iPhone 12 has been officially launched, and the first wave of reviews has been released. What are your concerns about bad reviews?

One day after its official launch, the first wave of reviews had been released. By the time of publication, Jingdong had already made more than 2400 comments, with a positive rating of 97%, of which more than 50 were medium or poor. There are not a lot of medium and bad reviews. There are some emotional ones that need to be clarified. More Tucao is, Iphone12 will make complaints about it. It is suggested that the shell should be protected and the effect should be better. < / P > < p > this year, the iPhone 12 series returns to the right angle frame design of the iPhone 4, showing a slight difference at the moment when the flagship of curved screen is popular. And the iPhone 12 screen panel is flush with the fuselage edge design, which will inevitably show a little hand. The advantage is that the flat border makes the iPhone 12 screen edge appear narrower, and at the same screen size, the body is more slender, and the appearance is more robust. The disadvantage is that it is a little harsh, and many users have made such comments. In terms of appearance design, there are also some bad comments that iphone12 is light in hand and full of cheap feeling. Make complaints about tastes differ all tastes. Ha ha, light and thin is one of the big selling points of iphone12 series, and it is a cheap feeling to be Tucao. Iphone12 series mainly focuses on the light and thin appearance design, which is only 7.4mm thick. The iPhone 12 weighs about 162g, which can be said to be extremely thin among 5g mobile phones, which is quite friendly to girls. In terms of screen unlocking, although the whole iPhone 12 is equipped with an OLED screen, it does not use the fingerprint unlocking function under the screen. Some critics pointed out that the iphone12 lock screen is not ideal. In addition to no fingerprint unlocking, its facial recognition unlocking is not very flexible, especially when you wear a mask when you go out. In the dual card mode, users need to pay attention to the dual card mode. It seems that the iPhone 12 really needs to be further polished in terms of dual card applications. In addition, make complaints about playing games is also a more point of Tucao, after all, the thin body is more test of heat dissipation. < / P > < p > another negative comment is lens failure. When the rear camera takes pictures, two light spots will appear on the photo, and there are horizontal or longitudinal shadows. This should be an example. According to the user, the machine has been repaired. Some of the more emotional negative comments, such as no free charger and headset. This is a new rule for the iPhone 12 series, which should be considered before you buy it. Iphone12 only comes with a charging line, but some critics think that the charging line is not easy to use, which may be due to the mismatch with the user’s charger. < / P > < p > compared with more than 50 medium and poor reviews, of course, they are more highly praised, such as: the appearance design is very fashionable, the screen color is bright, the display effect is delicate, the photos are clear, the night scene shooting is better, the system is fluent, the body is light and thin, and it is more friendly to girls, and the sound quality and texture of dual speakers are very good. Everyone has different preferences. < / P > < p > overall, iphone12 is better than the previous generation in terms of appearance design, 5g, performance, sound quality and photography. However, there are still some deficiencies in terms of endurance, hot game, corner command, dual card double waiting, fingerprint unlocking and so on. Digital products will inevitably have some emotional bad comments, these still need to be clear, of course, more evaluation can be used as a reference before purchase. < / P > < p > at present, most specifications of JD iPhone 12 are out of stock. Click the card below to enter the details page of Apple’s self operated official flagship store iPhone 12 to view the details= target=_ blank>Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865