The iPhone 12 is broken for the first time. After reading Apple’s official repair price, my heart is broken too!

Before that, Apple has released the iPhone 12 series of mobile phones. According to the plan, four new models will be sold in three batches. Among them, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have been ordered in full on October 16, and will be delivered on October 23. Now many dealers have already got the products, but no one dares to turn it on, because the consequences will be very serious if it is turned on. < / P > < p > according to online sources, apple agents have assigned the new iPhone 12 to dealers. Warning stickers are pasted on the back of some mobile phone boxes to prohibit early activation. Otherwise, they will face a fine of 200000 yuan. So a lot of dealers are very honest and behave themselves. They don’t move these phones until the time is up. < / P > < p > but there are still some dealers who have opened the box in advance regardless of the contract terms. As can be seen from the display picture of the real machine, the flat stainless steel middle frame of the iPhone 12 is basically the same as that of the iPhone 4. At the same time, the mobile phone is very light and thin. After all, it is only 7.4mm thick. The camera module on the back is still slightly raised, and the box is brand-new blue, which is still very nice. < / P > < p > in addition, in addition to the real machine that was unpacked, the first iPhone 12 that was dropped has also been born. In the past, Apple’s new machine will appear the first broken after sales, which has not been sold this year, and may not even be activated, so the screen of the phone will be broken, which is incredible. Then Apple also announced the price of iPhone 12 screen maintenance, and the price heart is broken. < / P > < p > such broken screens are basically out of warranty maintenance. Apple’s official website announced that the screen maintenance price of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is 2149 yuan, which is the same as the screen replacement price of iPhone 11 pro. As a comparison, the screen maintenance price of iPhone 11 only needs 1499 yuan, because the latter is LCD screen. < / P > < p > a single screen repair costs more than 2000 yuan. The starting price of the iPhone 12 is 6299 yuan, which means that the price of screen maintenance accounts for one third of the total price of the mobile phone. Therefore, consumers who plan to buy iPhone 12 are advised to take the case with them and stick the protective film, just in case. < / P > < p > users who purchase this service can extend the service guarantee period within the limited warranty period, and can also provide up to two accidental damage warranty services every 12 months. For example, after the screen is accidentally broken, they only need to charge 188 yuan for service fee, and 628 yuan for any other damage. < / P > < p > for those users who use mobile phones more ruthlessly, it is still very important to buy an apple care + service, because it can reduce the excessive property loss caused by improper use of the mobile phone as far as possible. Although the apple care + service itself is not cheap, it is still much cheaper than the maintenance fee of more than 2000 yuan for a screen, don’t you think? Privacy Policy