The iPhone 12 is coming. These four iPhones may be leaving!

Since the announcement that the iPhone 12 is about to hit in the mobile phone market, many mobile phone users have begun to shift their attention from some 4G iPhones to new ones. You should know that in the current mobile phone market, basically only iPhone has not released 5g mobile phone. If the iPhone 12 series is successful, it will certainly help Apple mobile phone to bring high sales, and its popularity will rise again. But when the iPhone 12 is about to hit, four iPhones may be about to leave.

as the top equipped model of iPhone, the strength of iphone11promax is still very strong. Equipped with a large battery of nearly 4000mAh, and the outstanding power control ability of A13 bionic chip, the iPhone also has a more lasting service life. Moreover, it is equipped with three camera combinations, namely 12 million pixel wide-angle lens, 12 million pixel long-range lens and 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, and the imaging ability has also been greatly improved. Just looking at the configuration parameters, we can see that the hardware of the iPhone 11 promax is very strong. However, after the 5gi phone appeared, the iPhone 11 promax only got out of the way. The reason is very simple, that is, the competitiveness is not high.

in this competitive era of 5g full screen, perhaps only iPhone dare to release 4G non full screen models. After the launch of this mobile phone product, it has caused a lot of controversy. Some users think that the 4.7-inch figure + rear single camera is still very nostalgic, and this model is mainly aimed at some users who like small screen mobile phones. Most importantly, the iPhone se also supports the latest IOS system and is equipped with A13 processor, which is quite powerful in this aspect. But the iPhone se is not suitable for heavy users and game loving comrades. With the times changing, the iPhone se should also leave soon.

the market positioning of iphone11pro is quite ingenious. It is located between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 promax. This product itself has great advantages. It is equipped with a 5.8-inch OLED material screen as standard, and the tight fit of the highlighted stainless steel middle frame, which not only brings shocking visual effect, but also has comfortable holding feeling and can meet the needs of daily waterproof use. Moreover, it is equipped with A13 processor and 12 million post dual camera, adding a 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, which is definitely not weak. But with the iPhone 11 promax on top and iPhone 11 on the bottom, and with the upcoming attack of the iPhone 12, the exit time is very close.

the iPhone 11 can almost be said to be a mobile phone product supported by price. If there is no low price support, maybe the iPhone 11 is hard to be loved by many users. But fortunately, all aspects of the iPhone 11 are very uniform, whether it is equipped with A13 processor or IOS system, has a very good performance. However, it has been reported that the signal of the iPhone 12 series will change, and the iPhone 11 may not be able to dominate in this situation. After all, the iPhone 11 has a weak signal problem, and it’s really easy to explode at a critical moment.

so here’s the question. Do you think the above four iPhones will be withdrawn after the attack of iphone12 series? Welcome to reply to the discussion. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year

Author: zmhuaxia