The iPhone 12 is due to be released in six days, and the price of the iPhone 11 has dropped to 3000!

Affected by the epidemic situation and other factors, the global supply chain is also in turmoil. This year, the start date of major manufacturers has been delayed, which has led to the failure of normal shipment and assembly of many mobile phones. Even for the world’s largest factories like Foxconn, the OEM efficiency is greatly reduced. In addition to the OEM, the screen, flash memory and battery manufacturers were affected to varying degrees, which led to the delay of the mass production plan of the iPhone 12, and finally missed the new product launch in September. Fortunately, there is good news coming from the front. Apple has officially announced that it is scheduled to launch on the 13th, when a total of 4 iPhone 12 models will appear together! < / P > < p > not surprisingly, the iPhone 12 is due to be released in six days, and the price of the iPhone 11 falls below 4000 for the first time! According to the rules of Apple’s new machine press conferences, after the new products come into market, the old models will face different degrees of price reduction, especially the third-party platform for iPhone price reduction will be more radical. After all, after 5g era officially comes, more fruit powder will give priority to buy 5g in the future IPhone 12 series, a large number of 4G Apple phones will become the past style. In view of the excellent reputation and price advantage of iPhone 11, it is still the best-selling smart phone at present. Last month, a certain East platform sold 1 million units, and now the price has fallen below the 4000 mark for the first time, and has become a 3000 price mobile phone! < / P > < p > it should be noted that this price is not the official price reduction of apple, but the price has dropped to less than 4000 after a certain amount of subsidies. According to this price, the iPhone 11 is even better than Xiaomi 10 Pro and Huawei P40 are cheaper. With the support of its excellent A13 chip and ios14 platform, more users finally choose apple mobile phone with the super high brand premium ability, which also ignores the disadvantage that iPhone 11 does not support 5g! In terms of configuration, apart from 5g network, the configuration of iPhone 11 is still very strong, especially after adding super night scene technology, the fun of taking photos of iPhone 11 has been greatly improved! < p > < p > in terms of screen, the iPhone 11 uses a 6.1-inch screen, which supports the original color display technology. Although the Liu Hai screen is somewhat abrupt, the built-in face ID is still recognized as the most reliable unlocking scheme, and its security and sensitivity are both extremely high. The 6.1-inch full screen iPhone 11 feels great, even a lap smaller than the iPhone 8 plus. It retains the excellent touch without sacrificing the battery capacity of the phone. It is also the best iPhone with the best standby time, and supports 18W fast charging technology. However, the standard charging device is only 5W, which is a pity! Thanks to its excellent dual camera 12 megapixel lens, plus the F / 2.4, f / 1.8 aperture design, the iPhone 11 can shoot the background rendering effect that the SLR envies! < / P > < p > as the first Apple phone with ultra wide angle lens in all ages, iPhone 11 can support 2 times wide angle shooting, and the frame picture is twice as large as that of iPhone 8. The front camera also supports 4K video recording for the first time, and supports portrait mode, video anti shake mode, etc. The only regret is that its screen image quality is not so good. The author has used many thousand yuan machines, most of which have already supported AMOLED screen, and the resolution is 1080p. This iPhone 11 uses LCD screen with a screen resolution of 1792 * 828 and pixel density of 326ppi. The color will be a little white, and the picture quality is not as good as Huawei P40 series! < / P > < p > considering that the launch of iPhone 12 is coming soon, as a 4G mobile phone, the price of iPhone 11 has dropped to 3000. Considering that it also supports Dolby panoramic sound, dual speakers and IP68 waterproof technology, its comprehensive strength is still very good. What kind of iPhone 12 do you think netizens are waiting for? Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?