The iPhone 12 is finally coming, but we seem to like Android better

When it comes to this problem, there may be obvious relative attitudes between the two parties. For apple, even if Apple has too many unrecognized shortcomings, the experience of IOS is really delicious. So far, Android has not been able to achieve this through the cooperation of hardware and software. Android users will think that the iPhone series starts with iPhone x, and at the appearance hardware and system layer There has been no innovative improvement. Compared with Android radicals, iPhone’s conservatism has reached an abominable stage. Signal and charging alone may persuade Android users to quit. So what is the next mobile phone to choose? < / P > < p > in fact, from the perspective of the first generation of iPhone, the first generation of MacBook, iPad and airpods, Apple’s innovation is indeed sustainable enough, and usually leads the whole era. The iPhone officially opened the era of smart phones. MacBook almost redefined the design of mobile PC. iPad skillfully found the subtle gap between mobile phone and computer, and now it is also in the process of development To replace the entry-level PC, airpods Pro opens another life of headphones. On the latest iPad, Apple also brings a new lidar lidar scanner, which can strengthen a series of operations in space to expand the application on VR! < / P > < p > let’s take a look at Android’s innovation, radical full screen, radical large pixel sensor or Huawei’s customized ryyb, radical combination of multiple cameras and radical charging specifications, which leapt from 50W to 120W, higher refresh rate, a new generation of flash memory and storage specifications, including the off-screen cameras of ZTE and Xiaomi! Not surprisingly, by the end of 2020, Android has begun to turn to the off screen camera! However, there is a big difference in the innovation route and cognition between the two. Apple holds the unique moat of IOS, so it doesn’t have to pursue too many innovations that may be flashy. Instead, it can calm down and polish a lot of hardware performance, such as taking photos! Due to the great competition pressure of various companies and the public open source Android on the software level, the main differences become what every manufacturer must do. Innovation is also required to be quantifiable and visible to users! < p > < p > in early August, I Bing universe, a well-known blogger, said on the social platform that the iPhone 11 promax failed in comparison with Samsung’s noteultra. What’s more, Samsung’s exynos990, which has been able to get rid of A13 in terms of fluency and opening speed, means that the high-tech snapdragon 865 and 865plus will have more advantages than the next generation The high pass snapdragon 875 is likely to catch up with A14 of historical significance! < p > < p > today, Android is improving the fluency experience through a full range of hardware, including Qualcomm flagship chip + ufs3.1 flash memory + lpddr5 storage, and 90 / 120Hz high refresh rate screen. Of course, it is also inseparable from the magic transformation and customization of Android system by mobile phone manufacturers at all levels, all of which are redefining the name of Android fluency! However, the persistence of Android is worse. For example, Xiaomi 8 high configuration version bought two years ago has appeared obvious stuck. How to efficiently and continuously smooth is the biggest problem for Android at present! < / P > < p > What’s more, if you pull out an Android thousand yuan machine for iPhone’s charging and signal problems, I’m afraid it will perform better than the iPhone. Even if the iPhone 12 uses the baseband of Qualcomm again this year, it’s also difficult to achieve such smooth signal for domestic machines. It should be noted that a large number of iphonex used to use high pass baseband, but the signal of iphonex is notoriously poor Apple has managed to regain its reputation for the battery life of the iPhone 11, but the battery of the iPhone 12 has dropped again. The title of charging two or three times a day will always be Apple’s exclusive! < / P > < p > in the eyes of the original iPhone products, the development of Android is actually a process of hardware stacking. But now, we find that the storage specifications of iPhone series products are gradually improving. The next generation iPhone will have 6GB of running memory, which proves that even the best system optimization ability will be hard under the improvement of the complexity of the entire Internet environment, It’s just that Android goes earlier. With its advantages, IOS can let Android run first! < / P > < p > full screen! In fact, even in the era of functional machines, we are also very concerned about the appearance design and appearance of mobile phone products. The so-called appearance starts with appearance and ends with talent, which is also applicable in smart phone products. It is undeniable that the iPhone X series has achieved the most comfortable radian of Liu Hai screen. However, compared with today’s perforated full screen or even under screen camera, the gap is the generation gap! , < / P > < p > iPhone series photography is no longer a benchmark in the industry, and the efforts of domestic mobile phones in photographing has indeed reached the state of & quot; ecstasy & quot; so if you can really polish a few sensors with your heart, I believe it is more important than the parameters! Android has also spawned two factions. The camera revolution led by Huawei continues to advance in photography, and the micro cloud platform anti shake technology led by vivo is more in line with the current trend of short video! < / P > < p > the most important thing is that Android has broken away from the iPhone era in terms of endurance and signal, which are two heights that iPhone can’t surpass! The 120W fast charging experience will completely relieve the battery anxiety from another level, and the signal strength separated by three walls can also ensure stable and efficient data transmission. However, the iPhone series has been unable to find the signal, and even in some buildings with more environment, there will be no signal directly. These unacceptable shortcomings are recognized by so many fruit powders, which indeed show that Apple’s advantages at the system level! < p > < p > and Android should not think that it is stable. The brand image and brand premium ability of iPhone have cast off Android. If many products of Android are still push ads that ignore user experience like Xiaomi, it is bound to be very difficult to change users’ perception of Android; Of course, Android is really worth experiencing now. The powerful photo taking ability and fluency, as well as the pleasure of second charging, will make you feel unreal, as for apple. 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