The iPhone 12 is the most resistant Pro version, and the results are unexpected

At Apple’s launch, officials said the iPhone 12’s border was designed for greater intensity, not for retro or visual effects alone. Allstate protection plans, a well-known Protection Agency, has conducted a comprehensive anti drop test on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro. The speed measurement results show that the iPhone 12 is indeed very resistant to building, but the iPhone 12 Pro is an accident. < / P > < p > the drop height of this drop test is set at 6 feet, which is about 1.829 meters. Each mobile phone falls on the concrete floor from the front, back and side respectively. In the front drop test part, only the frame and corner of the iPhone 12 were slightly cracked, while the front drop screen of the iPhone 12 Pro was half broken. The test results were surprising. < / P > < p > on the side of the drop, there are obvious traces on the iPhone 12, but in fact, the stronger and more expensive stainless steel frame of the iPhone 12 Pro is not immune. What is even more surprising is the drop test of the back. The iPhone 12 is basically intact, but the iPhone 12 Pro is basically broken, and even the lens module is not immune. < / P > < p > the above test results show that the biggest advantage of the pro version of stainless steel frame is good-looking. Secondly, you still need to have a mobile phone case for iPhone 12, and the pro version does not recommend running naked. Skip to content