The iPhone 12 only goes up but not down! Apple issued an iron order, netizen: is it cool in the evening?

The launch of the iPhone 12 series was delayed by a month compared with the previous year, but it did not affect its popularity at all. Moreover, it caught up with the annual double 11 e-commerce day, and people’s shopping enthusiasm was quickly ignited. According to the rule of the past years, third-party platforms will reduce the price of new iPhones. For example, the well-known spell DD is one of them. Last year’s subsidy of 10 billion yuan made people enjoy talking about it. The brand-new iPhone 11 can be five or six hundred yuan cheaper than the official price, and the fruit powder calls it really delicious. At present, the major platforms have begun to pre-sale the iPhone 11, but they are still fighting for DD. what’s going on? < / P > < p > a message came that Apple issued an iron order. This year, it began to strictly control the channels and prohibit the supply of goods to online channels, and the violators were fined 400000 a day. After the news came out, the offline channel price of iPhone 12 skyrocketed, and it was even more difficult to get a new one online. It seems that it is not easy to get a new machine in the first week of this year. In order to improve the platform traffic, many e-commerce platforms will use iPhones as articles to attract users through crazy subsidies. However, the channels for these platforms to get goods are often resale through some channels, which are not supplied by Apple’s official channels. Apple may feel that it is not conducive to the company’s brand image and begin to suppress online channels! < / P > < p > as soon as the policy is issued, we should not expect the major online platforms to reduce the price of iphone12. After all, a fine of 400000 is imposed on an iPhone 12. Even if it is a super profitable iPhone 12, it will have to sell thousands of units to recover its cost. Therefore, the author suggests that we should not wait for 10 billion subsidies. The price of iphone12 will only rise but not fall, and the channel price will soar by 1000 yuan! In addition to Apple mobile phones, apple mackbook and iPad air4 will be affected. However, it is not that the online channels can not sell Apple phones, but they should be sold at official prices. In this case, who will buy iPhones from the channel providers? More people will choose apple’s official channel! < p > < p > Apple began to strictly control the channel market. The first batch of iphone12 and 12pro are at a full premium. The top equipped iPhone 12pro with 512gb version has increased by nearly 3000. The basic version of iPhone 12 has also increased to varying degrees. A large number of scalpers have gone crazy. As can be seen from the photo below, the standard version of the iPhone 12 has risen to 6600 yuan, of which the red and blue versions are slightly cheaper. The price increase of 128GB large storage version is also more than 7000, while that of 256gb version of iPhone 12 is around 7800. From the channel price, we can see that the premium of the iPhone 12pro is the most. The 8499 yuan version has suddenly risen to 10000 yuan, while the 512gb version is even higher, with an increase of 2000 yuan or 3000 yuan. < / P > < p > from the market point of view, the first batch of iphone12pro that intend to start with are “rich or expensive”. They pay attention to user experience when they are not short of money. They are not willing to spend time on online shopping. In addition, the early stock can’t keep up with it, so it’s not hard to sell if the price rises by 10000 yuan. According to the author’s understanding, the channel business personage expresses an hour one price, this price list is not fixed, it is floating with the market situation! Comparatively speaking, the premium of the iPhone 12 is much less. The purchase of this model is also based on the consideration of cost performance. If the price is increased too much, it can’t be sold. The price is controlled reasonably! < / P > < p > compared with the iPhone 11 series, the 5g iPhone 12 series is indeed more popular. Why does this happen? First of all, due to the impact of the epidemic, the stock volume of iphone12 is relatively small, unable to meet the real market demand. Secondly, apple issued an iron order and began to control the price of iPhone in the channel, which means that the 10 billion subsidy mode ended ahead of time, and netizens called it cool at night? Finally, will you increase the price of the iPhone 12? Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing