The iPhone 12 starts at 4899? Huawei mate 40 is coming, who do you choose?

In fact, the price of the iPhone series has been disclosed before. The price of the iPhone 12mini is basically 4800-5000 yuan. Of course, it does not rule out that the price will rise slightly. After all, there will be many changes in the whole process and chain. However, from the product point of view, the minimum version of iphone12mini is not so satisfactory. First of all, it is possible to adopt side fingerprint identification technology, and the storage specification is still 64GB. In the first year of 5g in 2020, or the beginning of the video era, 64g storage is a beggar’s version. In addition, the minimum version of iPhone 12mini may not support 5g technology, which is pure It belongs to harvest fans. < / P > < p > if we look at the battery life and signal problems of the iPhone series, maybe the advantages of iPhone are not enough to cover these basic and practical functions. In the daily life of an iPhone user, besides charging or charging, the battery life has reached an alarming situation. In order to achieve a lower price, the accessories of the iPhone 12 will be further streamlined. In addition to the iPhone 12 Pro max, which is Apple’s real flagship model, the hardware configuration and function of other models are much smaller than the high configuration version. < / P > < p > If iPhone 12 is to be mass produced, the affordability of the supply chain is fundamental. It’s time to test Apple’s supply chain capabilities! On the one hand, the chip problem is limited. The 80 million A14 chip that Apple originally ordered from TSMC may not be completed on schedule this year. On the other hand, Foxconn, a contract manufacturer, is still recruiting people to meet the supply demand. But recently, a strange thing happened. In early September, Foxconn employees resigned collectively, which exposed the problem of production capacity. Will this have a material impact on the iPhone 12’s capacity? Public opinion agreed that it would! < / P > < p > for apple at this stage, everything is very difficult, and supply chain problems have also delayed the launch of iPhone 12. Although it is generally believed that the iPhone 12 will be released in October, who can guarantee that there will be no ticket skipping in the future. < / P > < p > in short, everything is very difficult. Apple even lowered the starting price of the iPhone 12. In fact, it may be because Apple has lost its confidence! In fact, you can imagine what the high price of a mobile phone without high brush, poor service life, cancellation of charger, headset and even baseband plug-in? < p > < p > at present, many countries are building 5g networks, and 4G mobile phones are facing upgrading. But apple is obviously lagging behind in 5g! After Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and ov have launched their own 5g flagship, Apple has not yet launched a 5g mobile phone! The iPhone 12 is so popular because it is Apple’s first 5g phone. If the platform is exposed like this, the starting price is 4899, and the biggest impact is certainly Huawei mate 40, which was launched at almost the same time. Older posts →