The iPhone 12 starts the appointment with 4 + 64GB of initial memory. It will be launched on September 16

Recently, Apple announced a new product launch, which made it clear that there will be new products on the market on September 15, but the last new product has not been specifically announced. Of course, everyone is most concerned about the launch of the iPhone 12 series. As Apple’s first 5g mobile phone, the iPhone 12 has attracted much attention. However, according to various popular information, the iPhone 12 will not be released on September 16, which has been postponed to October. Both the iPhone 12 and Huawei mate 40 will be released in October, just in time for the double 11 nodes. These two flagship models will be equipped with the latest processors, so the price has become the most concerned factor. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 series is divided into 5.4-inch iphone12, 6.1-inch iphone12 pro and iphone12 max, and 6.7-inch iphone12 Pro M. in order to meet the needs of different users, Apple has launched different sizes of models. The iPhone 12 will be equipped with A14 processor and support 5g network. For the first time, it will move towards 20W fast charging, and the area of bangs will become smaller. Of course, the defects are also very obvious. The battery capacity of these four models is 2227mah, 2775mah, 2815mah and 3687mah respectively. The maximum battery capacity is not more than 4000mAh. It has to be said that Apple has achieved cost savings. Without charger and wireless headset, the battery is shrunken as a whole and does not support high refresh rate of 120Hz. The biggest upgrade of iPhone 12 is processor and 5g network. < / P > < p > the launch of iPhone 12 has not been confirmed, but pinduoduo platform has opened an appointment channel, which shows that the whole network will be launched on September 16. In fact, according to the news from all aspects, it is very unlikely that the iPhone 12 will be released on September 16. This time, the opening of the appointment channel is only a slight heat. After all, Apple has not released any information about the iPhone 12, so it is basically impossible to send it on September 16 Cloth. According to pinduoduo platform, the initial memory of the iPhone 12 is still 4 + 64GB, and the poster information is from last year’s iPhone 11, so this is likely to be a wave of hype. The release probability of iPhone 12 is very small, and only tablet, watch and other products will be released on September 16. < / P > < p > in fact, according to the information disclosed at present, it is more likely that Apple will not release it on September 16. However, Apple’s bipolar reversal can not be ruled out. No matter when the iPhone 12 is released, Apple’s first 5g mobile phone will definitely arouse the desire of Apple fans to buy. Huawei mate40 and iphone12 are two flagship models in the second half of the year, which have attracted much attention. If both products are launched in October, it is inevitable that apple and Huawei will seize the market. However, Huawei will lose its price advantage this time, and the price of the iPhone 12 will be lower, but its configuration will not catch up with Huawei’s mate 40. < / P > < p > generally speaking, if the iPhone 12 is not released on September 16, it will be released in mid October. This product will also be benchmarked with Huawei mate40. When the configuration of the two mobile phones is fully upgraded, the price will also rise, so you should worry about whether your wallet is sufficient. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally