The iPhone 12 was announced by the government. The countdown time is 24 hours. The new product can be seen in advance!

According to the rules of Apple’s new machine press conferences, new phones will be released in September every year, and the new generation of iPhone 12 will also attract people to watch. This will be the first mobile phone in Apple’s history to support dual-mode 5g, and it will bring a more fluent and beautiful IOS 14 platform, and the almost perfect iPhone will appear in front of users. Ironically, this day coincides with the official ban of Huawei sales in the United States, which inevitably makes people feel some regret! Back to the iPhone 12 itself, the official has announced that it will hold a new product launch in the fall of 2020 on September 16, but this time, the secret work of this conference is very good, and the specific content of the launch is not clear at present! According to foreign media reports, Apple will not launch a new iPhone 12 on September 16, but will release some surrounding ecological products, and a new generation of iPad air and the sixth generation of Apple watch are expected to appear! If the launch is delayed, the iPhone 12 will be officially launched in mid October! However, a number of domestic platforms have begun to introduce iPhone 12, and have published official posters saying that iPhone 12 has entered the countdown stage. The information from channel providers is generally accurate, and it can not be ruled out that the iPhone 12 will be officially released on September 16! < / P > < p > if the deadline is calculated, the current press conference is 24 hours countdown. The following editor will take you to see Apple’s new product launch in advance, starting with the iPhone 12! In order to increase the recognition of the phone, the iPhone has spent a lot of attention on color matching. This time, it may be the first time to add military blue color, which makes people look bright. A few years ago, the local tyrant gold color matching was in short supply. Later, it was imitated by Android phones. Later, Apple launched the golden and red color matching versions, which also dominated the color matching direction of the mobile phone market. The new color matching will greatly increase the sales of iPhone! In terms of the screen, the entire iPhone 12 system will support OLED screen design. The most basic version of the iPhone 12 is 5.4-inch technology design, but only 60 Hz screen refresh rate. In addition, the iPhone 12 Max will also make its debut. Its screen size is the same as that of the previous generation of iPhone 11. It retains the face ID and adds a narrower border design. It also supports the flexible screen design, and the proportion of integrated screens reaches a new high! The positioning of the iPhone 12 Pro Series is much higher, so the screen material is upgraded to Samsung AMOLED, and supports the highest refresh rate of 120 Hz. Combined with the excellent smoothness of ios14, the performance of iPhone 12 Pro is locked in the first place in advance! < / P > < p > thanks to the excellent 5nm chip, the algorithm of iphone12 has been greatly improved. Although the iPhone 12 is only a dual lens module, the comprehensive photography strength will be greatly improved after the camera algorithm is greatly upgraded. The high price iPhone 12 promax supports laser focusing technology, and its photography ability is expected to surpass Huawei P40 Pro! As for everyone’s more concern is whether there is 5g, this generation of iPhone 12 will use the high pass 5g baseband, and its network stability will be better. As for the price that you are most concerned about, it is estimated that the starting price will be maintained at 5499 yuan, and the maximum configuration version will exceed 10000 yuan! < / P > < p > in addition to the iPhone 12 series, Apple will also release new iPad air and apple watch at the new product launch. Among them, the appearance design of air series tablet computers is obvious, and it is the first time that the appearance of high-end product iPad Pro is similar. The apple watch 6 has upgraded its CPU and added more watchband designs. The apple new product launch in this field is really worth looking forward to. Are you looking forward to it? Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”