The iPhone 12 will soon be released, and the old 4G models will be “retired”, except for these two models!

According to current news, the iPhone 12 series will be launched in October, although there are still two months to go, the configuration and price have been revealed completely, only one press conference is needed. The press conference will still be held in September. Recently, foreign media said that Apple headquarters has started recording the iPhone 12 launch.

although the domestic mobile phone market has long been dominated by 5g mobile phones, many users still choose 4G mobile phones when purchasing their phones. First, 4G mobile phones are cheaper. Secondly, 5g mobile phones generally have problems such as high heating capacity and poor service life. Moreover, it will take time for 5g mobile phones to cover all cities. Most of the time, 5g mobile phones can only be used as 4G mobile phones.

after the launch of the 5g iPhone 12 series, the 4G version of the iPhone will inevitably be cleaned up. These 4G models that are still on sale will be “withdrawn” collectively. I’m afraid there will be only two models left by then.

after the release of the iPhone 11 series last year, apple immediately removed iphonexs and iphonexs Max on its official website and tmall flagship stores, so as not to affect the sales of entry-level iphone11.

the official off shelf does not mean that the third-party platform can’t buy it. There is still a lot of stock in the iPhone 11 Pro Series. At present, the discount of the iPhone 11 Pro Series has reached 2500 yuan. When the iPhone 12 comes into the market, the discount will be at least 3000 or even more than 4000 yuan.

unlike last year, in order not to cause trouble to the iPhone 12 series, it is very likely that the third-party platform will not sell these two models after the “clearance sale” of the iPhone 11 Pro Series.

after the iPhone 12 comes into the market, the iPhone XR equipped with A12 processor will definitely not be sold again. This “former true fragrance machine” will say goodbye to us completely.

in the 818 campaign, the highest price drop of the iPhone 11 was 1100 yuan, which broke the bottom line again. Once the iPhone 12 came into the market, it would drop by about 1500-2000. At that time, the 256gb would be about 5000 yuan, which would not pose any threat to the iPhone 12. So the real fragrance machine iPhone 11 will continue to sell, always fragrant.

the new iPhone is the only 4.7-inch small screen phone that has just been on the market for four months. Meanwhile, as the cheapest A13 mobile phone, it will not be taken off the shelves.

so the 4G models that will appear on the official website after the release of iphone12 are likely to be only iphone11 and the new iphonese. The initial price of the iPhone 12 series is $699, and the price of BOC is expected to be around 5499 yuan, which is not cheap. IPhone 11 and the new iPhone se will be a good choice for the fruit powder which is not required for 5g, especially the former. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine