The joint purchase of tmall Suning E-mart has reached 100 billion in three years, and the new domestic products will exceed 80% in the future

On August 11, the reporter learned that the “Maoning combined mining” mode, which started in 2017, has reached 100 billion yuan at present. According to the current growth rate, the single year purchase may exceed 50 billion yuan. Among them, the proportion of new domestic products will exceed 80%. < / P > < p > data shows that this year, 618 tmall’s 3C home appliance industry has grown rapidly, with 25 3C home appliance brands and categories growing more than 10 times in the first hour of sales. < p > < p > it is understood that in the future, the main products to be considered by “Maoning Liancai” will focus on smart home, 5g, environmental protection and energy saving, home health, family entertainment and other trend new products. At present, a number of joint purchasing products will be launched in the official flagship store of Suning E-mart during the period of tmall 818. < p > < p > relevant sources of tmall said that the core strategy of “Maoning combined purchase” in the future will focus on new domestic products. “In order to meet the needs of consumers for new trend products, especially to innovate domestic brands. We will help to form a new development pattern with the major domestic circulation as the main body and give full play to the potential of domestic demand. ” He said. < / P > < p > in 618 this year, the emerging domestic products on tmall have become a new trend of consumption. Tianke takes the floor washing machine Top1, 59S takes the disinfector Top1, solo takes the sandwich machine Top1 The shortest time for these brands to enter tmall is only one year. < p > < p > according to the joint release of China Household Appliance Research Institute and national household appliance industry information center, the retail sales volume of China’s home appliance market in Q1 2020 will reach 117.2 billion yuan, in which tmall + Suning e-buy portfolio accounts for nearly 36%, ranking first, and Jingdong and Gome are about 24%. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”