The king of the past is back! ZTE suddenly announced that it showed a result that shocked the whole world

Every year, the new models will bring a new round of “black technology”, or appearance changes. Moreover, this year’s new mobile phones will certainly gain more attention than in previous years. For example, as an old brand in the original “China cool alliance” camp, ZTE’s sense of existence has been suppressed by Xiaomi and ov series mobile phones in recent years. Moreover, after being sanctioned by the United States, ZTE did not kneel down under the pressure of the US government After that, ZTE has basically faded out of the sight of Chinese people. Just when we thought ZTE was out of the mobile phone market or would no longer be in the smartphone sector. Recently, ZTE suddenly announced that it would launch a new generation of ZTE smartphone axon 205g in September. ZTE “the King returns”, launched the world’s first off screen camera phone! The biggest highlight of this mobile phone is the off screen camera technology, which ZTE is the first in the world to use in mass production mobile phones. It has to be said that before it faded out of people’s attention, it is likely that ZTE was concentrating on closing down. As soon as the closure was over, the whole world immediately showed a shocking result. < / P > < p > the biggest advantage of the off screen camera is that it can achieve a real full screen on the front of the mobile phone screen. In fact, before this, many brand companies have made a lot of attempts on how to use the camera, such as lift camera, flip camera, etc., but they all face a common problem, that is, although this kind of camera achieves a full screen on the front of the screen, However, there are a series of unstable factors, such as mechanical structure, sealing, waterproof and so on. Therefore, these solutions are not widely popularized, only as experimental products of some brand manufacturers. In contrast, Apple’s iPhone on the other side of the ocean was once regarded as the leader of global mobile phone innovation after the launch of Joe’s iPhone 4. However, in recent years, there has been no innovative product coming out, and it has been eating the old money. Even if the iPhone 12 returns to the classic shape, it is just a game of changing the shell and color, let alone pursuing the operation of full screen. < / P > < p > however, it is understood that in 18 years Apple has publicly expressed its intention to develop a mobile phone with its camera completely hidden under the screen, so as to achieve a real full screen. Make complaints about mobile phone. After all, many consumers have Tucao said that Liu Haiping is one of the ugliest designs of mobile phones, so apple, as the representative of “Liu Hai Ping”, has always wanted to improve. At that time, a lot of media said goodbye to the “Liu Hai screen” and that the iPhone would realize a real full screen. As a result, two years later, Apple’s so-called off screen camera has disappeared. Instead, ZTE took the lead in releasing the world’s first off screen camera phone. It is likely that Apple failed in that year. In contrast, ZTE’s innovation has surpassed apple to some extent. In the past two years, Huawei, the largest mobile phone brand in China, has focused on Hongmeng system and application ecology HMS. Although it has carried out research on the comprehensive screen, its energy is limited after all. Finally, the technology of full screen is snatched away by ZTE, the former king. < / P > < p > why ZTE is the “king of the past”. In fact, one word will make it clear that before the advent of smart phones, there was once a popular “PHS” mobile phone in the Chinese market. At that time, Huawei had just entered the mobile phone field, and ZTE had already occupied half of the national market in PHS mobile phones, reaching 50%, The turnover reached 4.82 billion yuan. If this is not the king, it is a bit unreasonable. Skip to content