The last big move in August! Huawei’s mobile phone system has been updated, and limited models have been pushed

The countdown starts to welcome the new September. The freshmen will certainly have a new atmosphere at the beginning of school. The purchase of mobile phones should have started, but the year-end dinner will be on line soon. The news of Huawei mate 40 is getting closer and closer, but according to the usual practice, it will be released abroad in October. The immortal fight is scheduled for Huawei and apple mobile phones in October. < p > < p > however, Huawei has a lot of surprises. The full scene ecological new products will be distributed in more fields. In addition to mobile phones, Huawei will have the biggest feast once a year. There will be good choices for laptops, desktops, monitors, watches, speakers, smart wear, etc. So, what good products are you going to choose in September to reward yourself? < p > < p > the biggest surprise for Huawei next month should be the system aspect. Many people said that they were looking forward to the outbreak of Hongmeng OS 2.0. If the mobile phone is also built-in such a system, it will depend on the development of ecological compatibility. However, Huawei still has two hands, and emui here will also have new actions. The last big move in August! Huawei’s mobile phone system has been updated, and limited models have been pushed. Or to update on emui 10 is a small update of the last version of emui 10, just to welcome a better emui 11. < / P > < p > this update package is quite large, close to 1g. Many users originally thought that there would be new function push, but now Huawei mobile phone only provides users with a stable and smooth use environment. Of course, this time, the models are limited. Only some users of Huawei mate 30 series can receive push, which means that Huawei is still in the process of continuous optimization of the old model last year. Many users are waiting for Huawei mate 40 class, which is fast. At that time, there may be two choices: emui 11 with new design and function support, and Hongmeng OS. Of course, the first option is still a little bit more. After all, the cooperation between Huawei and Google still needs to continue. The entire Android ecosystem is still benign and stable. For many Huawei mobile phone users, they are used to the operation of Android system. The emui team also optimizes it well, and there is no problem with daily use. The processor of Kirin 990 will be very powerful in 2020, and Huawei has a great advantage in 5g technology. Moreover, there seems to be no other manufacturer to imitate this kind of rear Oreo camera module. The design of Huawei mate 30 is still ahead of others, and no one imitates it If Huawei is still strong, it depends on when Kirin 9000 or Kirin 1020 comes on. < / P > < p > take a look at the optimization of Android system. In fact, domestic manufacturers are very good. MIUI has rich functions, emui is simple and stable, and coloros is simple and fresh. Which one do you like? ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year