The latest 5g mobile phone vivo X50 PRO + has excellent appearance, image and performance

Last month, vivo’s latest 5g professional video flagship vivo X50 PRO + attracted consumers’ attention. Recently, vivo officials also released a stunning opening poster of vivo X50 PRO +. The overall design of the poster makes people feel very comfortable. There are not only two real pictures of vivo X50 PRO + in camel color and gravity color, but also the words “1 / 1.3 inch super sensitive main camera, high brush feeling experience of Qualcomm snapdragon 865120hz” under the subtitle of “professional image flagship” in the middle of the poster, which clearly conveys the outstanding advantages of vivo X50 PRO + to consumers. In addition, the bottom of the poster also shows the prices of vivo X50 PRO + under different storage + memory schemes, which makes users feel the sincerity of vivo X50 PRO + at a glance. So, what are the outstanding performances of vivo X50 PRO +? #Vivo X50 # < / P > < p > when vivo X50 PRO + was just released, it attracted the attention of many users, because this is the 5g professional image flagship specially created by vivo for consumers, and its professional image configuration makes many users exclaim with surprise! The first is the powerful rear lens module of vivo X50 PRO +, which is a full focus intelligent imaging system composed of 50 megapixel super sensitive main camera, professional portrait lens, periscope long focus lens and ultra wide angle macro lens, which gives vivo X50 PRO + the strength to easily cope with various shooting scenes. Vivo X50 PRO + can provide users with high-quality blockbuster effects through the collaborative assistance of professional four cameras, whether it is the distant mountain setting sun or the flowers and plants in front of you, whether it is the twinkling star sky or the backlight picture. < / P > < p > at the same time, vivo X50 PRO + also has the appearance design that makes consumers love at first sight, which has been reflected in the sales poster of vivo X50 PRO +. In terms of color matching, vivo X50 PRO + has camel color and gravity. The two color matching are very eye-catching, of which camel color is elegant and natural, giving out a high-level sense; gravity color matching is mainly obtained by the natural fusion of silver gray and ink blue, which gives people a sense of mystery in the color transition. Vivo X50 PRO + is not only eye-catching in color, but also very comfortable to touch. Camel color matching is a very attractive leather texture, which is more advanced when combined with camel color; gravity color matching can feel more close to the skin when it is touched, even if it is held for a long time. < / P > < p > in addition, the 5g professional imaging flagship vivo X50 PRO + also brings users a flagship performance experience. First of all, thanks to the performance iron triangle, vivo X50 PRO + can handle multiple running tasks synchronously, even if it can switch between multiple applications. At the same time, the vivo X50 PRO + also adopts 44w ultra fast flash charging technology, which can provide long-term service and “quick blood return” to any severe state of using the machine such as game battle and long-term play. < / P > < p > at the same time, the high swipe screen of vivo X50 PRO + also brings users a high brush feeling experience of 120Hz, and users can easily enjoy a smooth and smooth screen experience. Seeing here, are you excited about this 5g professional video flagship? American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?