The latest game laptop recommends the necessary “artifact” of game God

For Xiaobai users, the choice is “what game to buy this good?” “What are the recommended game laptops?” this kind of problem. As a senior game “fat house” player, I have my own unique understanding of the game notebook. Some time ago, I fell in love with a new game book, which is the glory Hunter game book to be released on September 16. I am very looking forward to it, and I highly recommend you to pay attention to and understand this glory game book. < / P > < p > the game of glory hunter is the first game of glory, and I highly expect and support it. Glory brand has a good reputation in the hearts of consumers. Its products have always been excellent and cost-effective. I believe glory game is the same. The government has officially declared that it is a frivolous game book with high face value. It adopts the minimalist Hunter dart logo design, which is cool and handsome. I don’t know whether the physical product’s frivolity can match glory’s own frivolity. < / P > < p > to create an excellent game book, we must have excellent cooling technology. For this reason, glory has also worked hard to create double patent cooling, which provides excellent cooling ability for glory game book. They are patent lifting cooling structure and patent Heiyao radiator. < / P > < p > the patented lifting cooling structure adopts the open bottom cover type air inlet cooling design commonly known as “open bottom” cooling, that is, when opening the laptop, the lifting cooling at the bottom will also rise automatically at the same time, open the bottom Valley channel to form an 8.5mm air inlet Valley, and the air inlet volume can be increased by 40%. The author likes this design very much, which is cool and effective. < / P > < p > glory, a patented heat dissipation structure, has also developed its own dust removal channel technology, which uses the high and low pressure principle of air duct to quickly discharge dust and debris from the fan structure. It can not only improve the heat dissipation efficiency, but also improve the stability of the heat dissipation system and prolong the service life of the radiator. Here comes the glory innovation technology that the writer expects! < / P > < p > the patent Heiyao radiator of the glory Hunter game is also excellent, with an overall radiator area of 28542mm?, and 240 0.1mm ultra-thin copper alloy fins, with an overall area of more than 100000 mm?, which can quickly dissipate heat with large area heat conduction, so the heat dissipation capacity is very good. < / P > < p > after the heat dissipation, I’ll talk about the configuration information of glory Hunter game book. CPU this game book will use ten generations of Intel Core i7 processor, which belongs to the first echelon processor of Intel, with excellent core performance. In terms of graphics card, NVIDIA’s official micro blog announced on September 14 that glory game book will be linked with NVIDIA game, equipped with optical tracking card and RTX On, the battle will change! < / P > < p > at present, the glory Hunter Game officially announced that it will create a high refresh rate, estimated to be 144hz high brush, full of experience. The information of glory Hunter game book is introduced here. The main reason why we recommend this upcoming game notebook computer to you is that its heat dissipation, processor and graphics card are all at the level of high-end game book, which is completely in the first echelon. Glory is committed to creating the ultimate price ratio products. The price of a wave of visual inspection will be very good, so you can squat a wave. Privacy Policy