The latest, South Korea wants to launch an investigation into apple and Google! What happened?

On August 19, data released by sensor tower, a market research firm, showed that in the year ended June 30, mobile game revenue on Apple’s app store had reached $42 billion, while Google play had $27 billion. That is to say, the game revenue of the two companies will reach 69 billion US dollars in 2020 fiscal year. However, while two U.S. technology giants have made a lot of money from mobile games, game developers in more and more countries are eyeing them. According to sina finance and economics, on August 19, several app developers in South Korea appealed to the Korea Communications Commission to ask the organization to investigate the purchase systems in the app stores of apple and Google, two U.S. technology giants. It is reported that the alliance of South Korean start-ups has pointed out that Apple has been forcing developers to use their specific in app purchase system since 2011, which can make apple take 30% commission from it. Google has made special regulations on the consumption of game apps on its platform. And these behaviors, make the local developers in South Korea feel “dissatisfied”. < / P > < p > in addition to South Korea, the European Union and Russia also announced on August 10 that they had launched an investigation into Apple’s app store. It is reported that the EU and Russia intend to take corresponding punishment measures against the operation mode and market monopoly position of app store, but there is no specific action. Not only that, even the United States has “a lot of complaints” about Apple and Google’s Commission operations. Since 2019, the US antitrust Commission has investigated the charging behavior of app store. < p > < p > on the above issues, apple did not show any weakness, not only did it not admit that its practice was “problematic”, but also said it would appeal again in the European Union and Russia. According to Sina Technology, on July 29, local time, Phil Schiller, senior vice president of Apple’s global marketing, pointed out that the practice of Apple’s App Store charging Commission has brought new changes to the software industry, and the charging helps to maintain the system and provide a stable platform for developers, thus forming a virtuous circle in the industry. < / P > < p > in fact, Apple’s experience is exactly what Google has suffered all along. According to the report of interface news, a Chinese statistical data shows that in the past four years, Google has suffered as many as 27 anti-monopoly investigations and received more than $9.6 billion in fines due to its strong market position. These two data are “invincible” in global enterprises. As more and more countries fight against these American giants, can their survival model continue? We’ll see. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction