The latest top 10 mobile phone sales: Huawei has no chance, Xiaomi owns 8 series. What about apple?

Different from previous years, this year’s double 11 came a little earlier. From November 1, the “hand chopping battle” was officially started. The activity lasted until November 11. Among them, the attention of 3C digital products is still the top priority as in previous years. In addition, Huawei mate 40 series and iPhone 12 were released in October, which also led to the sales of the whole high-end mobile phone market! According to the real-time data, Xiaomi Shuang 11 still maintains a high popularity, and Xiaomi ecological products still lead the market, ranking first in cumulative sales. And the latest double 11 mobile phone sales list, millet exclusive 8 seats, apple is the biggest winner! < p > < p > according to the latest top 10 ranking data of mobile phone sales in a certain East, Huawei glory mobile phone is not in the top 10, and Xiaomi monopolizes 8 series. However, the powerful iPhone 11 is still ranked No. 2, which is the highest unit price in the top 10 ranking. However, it is only a 4G mobile phone, which still contributes great value to Apple! From the public sales ranking, the real-time sales list of each major mobile phone product and the cumulative sales list of individual products are completely coincident. The redmi 8A of Xiaomi company is firmly the first, with Xiaomi 10, ReDim K30 Pro zoom, redmi 10x, redmi k30s Premium Edition, redmi note8, redmi9, and redmi K30! < / P > < p > in the top 10 sales rankings, Xiaomi’s exclusive 8 seats has become a hot topic in the market, and its popularity is far more than that of competing products glory and vivo mobile phones. Unfortunately, Huawei’s mobile phones are not listed in the top 10, and the popularity of double 11 is not as good as in previous years. However, among the 10 models selected by Xiaomi, in addition to Xiaomi 10 positioning high-end mobile phone market, other models are low-cost models, mainly redmi thousand yuan machines. Most of these mobile phones support dual-mode 5g, and their endurance strength is very strong. Remdi has become the biggest winner of 1000 yuan mobile phones in the double-11 Festival, and its friend realme Q2 becomes the biggest black horse, which is the third largest single millet sales volume of Huawei! In fact, the low-cost design of OLED / 119is not suitable for the domestic market. In fact, it is difficult to get rid of the low-cost and high-quality oled-119s when it came to the first year of its low-cost design. In fact, it won’t be able to compete in the domestic market with the low-cost design strategy of oled-119and it won’t be able to compete with the low-cost design of oled-119in the domestic market It costs 1000 yuan. Unfortunately, the biggest winner in the market is apple. After its iPhone 11 has won the sales Championship for one year in a row, it ranks second in the sales volume of double 11. It seems that apple is the biggest winner, with sales leading and profits crushing its rivals! < / P > < p > in another new machine sales ranking, the iPhone 12 and Huawei mate 40pro ranked third and sixth respectively, while realmeq2 and k30s premium commemorative edition, which focus on the ultimate cost performance ratio, are the top 2 in the list! With 5g era coming, why can 4G iPhone 11 still sell well? From the price point of view, after several rounds of price reduction, the price performance advantage of the iPhone 11 is highlighted. In addition, some models of the iPhone 12 are out of stock and the delivery cycle is very long. Therefore, many fruit powders in urgent need of changing mobile phones will give priority to iPhone 11. In addition, some Huawei models are out of stock. Maybe the production capacity of Kirin chip was reduced after Kirin chip could not be produced. Finally, it was found by Xiaomi mobile phone! Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer