The latest version of Google Camera transplants new movie features

After the release of Google Pixel 5 in October last year, a movie and video feature called “Cinematic Pan” was added. Imitating the effect of Hollywood, the mobile phone can shoot moving or stationary objects during the movement, keeping the focus and stability at all times, and preventing jitter. Today, this feature has been ported to other phones by the latest 8.1.008 version of Google Camera.

Google’s Pixel series mobile phones, the main camera sensor “Wan Nian” is not updated, but it can always take photos of the flagship first echelon level. This is largely due to the algorithm. Therefore, many folk gods have made the camera APP of Google Pixel phones into APKs that can be installed on other brands of phones, so that non-Pixel phones can also experience the camera tuning style and functions of the Pixel series.

In addition, the latest Google Camera port also adds more compatibility enhancements to other models, including the adaptation of the IMX586 and IMX 686 sensors that have never been used in Pixel series phones.