The living room changes into the cinema, Skyworth 75a9 drama screen cinema appears in Lao Wang’s living room

On the evening of August 17, Wang Hailiang, vice president of Skyworth TV, opened another e-commerce live broadcast with fans in the “Lao Wang’s living room” studio of Suning e-buy. 75a9 drama screen cinema, as a brand new drama screen series, makes its debut. Its appearance is both fashionable and elegant. The ultra-thin metal body and the lively polar sled base complement each other. It has won many fans’ praise and support in the live studio, pushing the popularity of the live studio to a climax. < / P > < p > Skyworth TV has always been in the leading position in the high-end OLED TV market. According to the data of Ovi cloud, the market share of Skyworth OLED TV has reached 62.5% in July 2020. At the same time, Skyworth TV has also attracted much attention in the high-end large screen TV market above 75 inches. In 2019, Skyworth TV launched the Tiancheng program of drama screen, hoping to greatly change the definition relationship between TV distance and size through Skyworth TV q series products, so as to create a close-up, eye protection, clear and shocking immersive visual experience for consumers. Due to the four strict standards of intelligent scene adjustment, eliminating harmful Blu ray, independent picture quality chip and standard cinema sound, the series TV has once again successfully set a benchmark in the high-end TV industry. The new Skyworth 75a9 drama screen cinema launched in this live broadcast not only caters to the existing consumer market, meets the consumer demand for large screen TV, but also conforms to Skyworth’s high-end brand strategic layout. Especially when the home appliance industry is in the quagmire of low price competition, Skyworth is making great efforts to develop innovative products such as “Skyworth drama screen” super large size TV, striving to create quality life for users and seek a new development path for the industry. < / P > < p > nowadays, users’ cognition of products is no longer limited to basic functions. Take television as an example, in addition to the basic viewing function, large size, health eye care, high definition, cinema level sound quality, convenient interaction and other elements are more and more favored by consumers. In general, TV display devices under 55 inches can meet the needs of users to watch TV series, variety shows and other conventional videos. However, when playing movies, small-size viewing experience is poor. SKYWORTH 75a9 drama screen cinema is a large screen TV with both picture quality and eye protection function, which can make consumers enjoy the visual shock brought by wide screen at home. < / P > < p > with the popularity of large screen TV, more and more families have their own home theater, and the configuration of these ordinary products is obviously not up to the requirements for video lovers who have pursuit. Healthy and good picture quality, good sound effect and convenient interaction are the three standards of Skyworth theater. Wang Hai believes that the image quality of TV screen is a key factor in home theater. The larger the screen size, the wider the visual range of users, but if you want to have a cinema level immersive feeling, the key is the image quality optimization technology. Therefore, Skyworth 75a9 theater adopts the nature-vision super image quality processing chip independently developed by Skyworth, which can restore the cinema level image quality with great telepresence. The MEMC technology in Skyworth 75a9 theater can improve the fluency and clarity of the picture through algorithms, and reduce the tearing and dragging of the picture. Especially for the users who love to watch action movies, the MEMC motion compensation technology can realize the synchronization of refresh rate, eliminate the ladder shaped contour caused by tearing of the picture, and make the picture clearer and smoother. In terms of sound quality, Skyworth 75a9 theater supports Dolby panoramic sound technology, which can create a wrapped three-dimensional sound field, and the mobile sound effect is more immersive, so that people can feel the theater level hearing feast at home. It is worth mentioning that the far-field voice control function of Skyworth 75a9 theater can also be easily realized. Without the remote control, users can speak and control it. They can stand by 24 hours at any time, change the speaker in seconds when they are waiting, and watch the program in seconds. < / P > < p > as we all know, the blue light generated by the display screen will cause damage to the eyes of users, especially the problem of eye health of teenagers is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, the state has issued a requirement that the Ministry of education, National Health Commission and other relevant departments should participate in the vision protection of children and teenagers. SKYWORTH also actively responded to national policies and launched the 75a9 drama screen cinema, which focuses on eye health care, to protect the eye health of teenagers. According to Wang Hai in the live studio, 75a9 theater supports 10bit color depth display, which can eliminate harmful blue light from the source and is more friendly to teenagers. With the blessing of Skyworth optical anti blue light technology, 75a9 drama screen cinema not only ensures that it does not hurt the eyes, but also makes the screen not appear color deviation phenomenon, showing the charm of color. < / P > < p > in addition, Skyworth also defines the best viewing distance between TV and users in home theater, and considers that the best viewing distance of 75a9 theater is 3M. In this regard, Wang Hai explained, “when you buy tickets in the cinema, the most preferred seats are the seats in the center, because you can get 36 & deg; golden viewing angle in these seats. However, the distance to watch TV in the living room of most of our families is generally 3 meters. According to the 36 & deg; golden viewing angle, 75a9 theater can just meet the demand. Only in this way can users feel the same visual impact as IMAX screen in the middle seat of the cinema. ” < / P > < p > with the progress of society and the development of science and technology, users have higher expectations and requirements for TV. Skyworth 75a9 theater fully meets the needs of users’ family viewing and improves their happiness in an all-round way by virtue of its excellent performance. This round of live broadcast by Wang Hai, vice president of Skyworth TV, not only recommended Skyworth’s latest 75a9 drama screen theater series to millions of fans, effectively reaching the target customers, but also created double opportunities for brand reputation promotion and product sales growth in the high-end market, helping Skyworth to seek a breakthrough in the TV market with serious homogenization. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”