The location of Apple’s wallpaper is here. Many people don’t know

Although more and more people use Android phones in recent years, there are still many people using apple phones. Many people who use Apple phones prefer to use the default wallpaper screen saver and ringtone. Have you ever thought about where the spray in the iPhone comes from every day? < / P > < p > after so many years, it’s finally known that the location of Apple’s wallpaper is in Penida Island, Indonesia. Is this answer surprising to you? It turns out that you have seen the waves for so many years, just at the end not too far away. Peneda island is an indispensable part of the itinerary for first-time visitors to Bali, sometimes packed with lanmeng island. < / P > < p > but for a more in-depth experience, we only chose a single island tour before, so that we can find more different scenery in one destination. The location of Apple mobile phone wallpaper is the spray of spirit beach on Peneda island. Usually, the local taxi driver will ask you which point you want to go first. If you have identified the spot, you can drive it to the highest place, which is the best location for shooting the same location. < / P > < p > although the wallpaper in the iPhone is simple and clear, the scene will surprise you, because there are not only beautiful waves, but also countless heads and waves blocking the way. Of course, this is when there was no epidemic, and now it is only known to the local people. From the fence to see the past, the waves one after another on the beach, is really beautiful, as clean as wallpaper. However, you will also find some black spots in the sea water. Those are tourists swimming in the water. If you like swimming, you can also play on the beach below! < / P > < p > now, you know where the wallpaper you’ve seen all along is. Do you think this place is unexpected? Do you use this wallpaper all the time? Welcome to share the comments! Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!