The loss will reach 16000 billion and 1000 people will lose their jobs! In the United States, the situation is deteriorating

During the epidemic period, all walks of life in the United States were impacted, especially the catering industry. It is no exaggeration to say that the epidemic has brought a disastrous impact on the catering industry in the United States. According to the report of the national food and Beverage Association in July, 75% of restaurants are expected to be unprofitable in the next six months, and the economic loss of the entire catering industry may reach as high as $240 billion by the end of 2020. The catering industry has become one of the hardest hit industries in the epidemic. < p > < p > shoddy Kennedy, executive vice president of public affairs at NRA, said that the catering industry was the first industry to close down in the United States, and may also become the last industry to recover from the epidemic in the United States. Kennedy’s words are not exaggeration. In fact, the current predicament of American catering industry can be seen from three aspects of data. First, the “closing tide” in the catering industry. Since March, 53% of restaurants in the United States have changed their status to permanent closure on their platforms, according to yelp, a food review website. Another statistic shows that, so far, 17% of the closed enterprises in the United States belong to the catering industry, accounting for the highest proportion. < / P > < p > French media also pointed out on August 6 that by the end of 2020, out of a total of about 660000 restaurants in the United States, as many as 230000 will face the crisis of bankruptcy. It can be said that one out of every three American restaurants will face the risk of permanent bankruptcy. It is worth mentioning that the closure of a large number of restaurants may break the good trend of the sustained growth of American restaurants in the past 20 years. Second, the “unemployment wave” in the catering industry. What we need to know is that the catering industry is one of the cornerstones of the American economy and an important source of employment and income for the American people. Before the epidemic, there were about 1.4 million people engaged in the catering industry in the United States. However, in the past four months, about 1 million people have been suspended or dismissed. < / P > < p > Third, there is a “big discount” in attendance. Nearly a third of American adults now say they prefer to cook at home even if they are allowed to go out, according to a survey by NDP group, which studies consumption trends. This means that under the epidemic situation, most consumers’ consumption intention has changed, which is not good news for the catering industry. The number of diners in the U.S. has dropped 64% since July 15, according to a survey. < / P > < p > low profits have always been the “hard wound” of the catering industry. According to industry insiders, even in the best market period, the profit margin of restaurants that can provide indoor dining service in the United States is only between 5% and 8%. The industry insiders also said that if American restaurants want to break even, they need to achieve 80% – 85% of the available seats, that is, to fill 85 seats on the premise of having 100 seats. However, with reference to the above “big discount” ground attendance rate, it is “extremely difficult” to achieve 85% attendance rate during the epidemic period. < / P > < p > what makes restaurant operators even more “headache” is that in order to prevent and control the epidemic, the government has begun to promote “outdoor dining” and “take out service”. Although this provides a new way for restaurants in the epidemic to return to work, it also adds costs to the operation of restaurants. For example, restaurants providing outdoor dining services must buy Gloves, masks, disposable menus, disposable tableware, etc. It should be noted that outdoor dining is just a helpless move under the epidemic situation, not all consumers can accept it, and not all dishes are suitable for this form. Based on this, many restaurants in the United States are still closed. < / P > < p > some analysts pointed out that with the gradual out of control of the epidemic situation in the United States, the “restart” of the catering industry in the United States will continue to be delayed, and the economic losses of the industry may further expand at that time. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865