The magnet realizes the wish of quick disassembly

Video and vlog upload have become a part of many people’s lives. However, not everyone is a photographer. All the records of beautiful pictures should have a pair of “iron hand” assistants. It is very important to take the best short video and photos with the simplest operation for Xiaobai. In order to take stable and smooth video and clear photos with mobile phones, people have made a lot of efforts to improve the anti shake technology of the mobile phone, but also work hard on peripheral devices, such as hand-held cloud platform. The principle of the handheld platform is not complex. In essence, it is the combination of gyroscope and acceleration sensor, and the data can be obtained in real time to calculate the inclination angle of the equipment, and then the PID algorithm is used to get the control amount of the motor. It is said that the straight white point is that you are leaning left, the motor will correct to the right and right, and the motor will correct to the left. Through this mutual cancellation, the picture can be stabilized. Don’t say it’s sitting in a car, even in a carriage, it’s as stable. The mobile phone platform needs to be traced back to the camera stabilizer in the early 1970s, that is stannikon. In the last five years, with the rise of mobile photography, such stabilizers have gradually changed from matching cameras to mobile phones, from professional tools to portable devices of the public. The product size is shrinking, and the price is also decreasing. Now the mobile phone cloud platform has entered the price of 100 yuan, which is a product that everyone can afford. For example, the latest fourth generation mobile phone cloud station DJI om 4 under Dajiang, which costs 899 yuan. It is worth mentioning that we have been very curious about what kind of adjustment and upgrading DJI om series can make before this publication. After all, the previous generation works have been quite comprehensive. After the release of this work, the answer is revealed – the new magnetic suction handset clip and magnetic suction accessories have realized the long-term wishes of the users of the two cloud stations: quick dismantling and quick unloading. The magnetic suction mobile phone clip attached in the package is pasted on the center of the back of the mobile phone with the positioning card and then placed on DJI OM4, which completes the most important upgrade compared with the previous generation, without any need to adjust the balance. Compared with 405G of DJI OM3 and DJI OM4, the weight of the fuselage is reduced to 390g. At the same time, the folding design of the third generation is still maintained, and it can be easily put into the pocket after folding. The front panel has universal dial wheel, M mode switch / start key, recording key and power indicator. Double click m to switch the horizontal and vertical mode. The trigger key is placed on the back of the handle, which can achieve many effects by clicking, double clicking and three-click pressing: holding the hold and holding the cloud platform, clicking on or stopping the locking mode, double clicking the cloud station to return to the middle position or sleeping wake-up, switching the front and rear camera by three clicks, clicking + holding and holding the hand to enter the movement mode. In general, except for the magnetic absorption region, the shape and functional partition of DJI OM4 were not changed much compared with the previous generation. DJI om 4 is basically to continue the design of the previous generation of DJI OM3, and the appearance is not the focus of upgrading. The power supply and output interface is above the diagram, and the type-C input interface in the lower left corner is the interface for charging DJI om 4. After the phone is paired with the cloud station, the power output interface can be used to charge the phone and connect it wirely. We have seen a new magnetic suction handset clamp added by DJI OM4 in the unpacking section. The results show that the small phones, such as iPhone se 2 and Xiaomi max 3, can be fixed by magnetic suction mobile phone rack. The author is used to take the magnetic suction handset clip off, install the mobile phone and then stick it to the cloud platform. The most obvious experience upgrade brought by the rapid disassembly design to the author is that when using the cloud platform, we don’t need to take the mobile phone down and back repeatedly because of receiving and receiving social software messages and answering and calling. When using DJI OM3, the mobile phone is placed on OM3 for video. If you want to use the phone to pick up the phone in the middle of the way, you need to take the phone off the bracket, make a call and then install it again. In addition, you need to adjust it slowly when installing. If you encounter a social software message once and again, it is more complicated to dismantle and dismantle it so frequently. In order to avoid disturbing, the author often turns off social software when shooting, which results in the failure to reply to the message in time. The once troublesome steps are now simplified to take / put the magnetic suction clamp and mobile phone directly in place. After the user installs the magnetic suction handset clip on the mobile phone, it is close to the magnetic suction position on the bracket. The white point is against the white point. The suction force forces the two to automatically suck together. When the magnetic suction clip is removed, it can be separated by force. Before we get DJI OM4, we are very worried about the suction of its magnetic suction part? If the force of the rejection is too large, will magnetic suction handset clip and mobile phone fly out easily? We tried to do this, and under the strong swing, the magnetic suction handset clamp and mobile phone are stable and stable, without any separation or displacement, obviously normal use is no problem. In addition to the quick disassembly characteristics brought by magnetic absorption module, DJI OM4 has hardly changed greatly compared with DJI OM3. The app used by the software side is still DJI MIMO, which is the same as the app used by action camera and UAV in Xinjiang. After installing DJI MIMO app, except for the first connection, you can connect the mobile phone in the cloud station and open the app automatically. Compared with DJI OM3, DJI OM4 adds additional functions such as panoramic and dynamic zoom, and upgrades the existing functions – for example, the built-in intelligent follow-up 3.0 system, and most of the other functions are in line with OM 3. When shooting moving objects, the fast moving lens following can easily cause jitter and affect the quality of the film. The intelligent tracking ability of 3.0 on DJI om 4 is excellent. This 3.0 update is mainly to optimize the following performance of people and pets. The recognition object does not need to be in the center of the screen, which means that users of DJI OM4 can also record their own motion video for themselves. The author tries to make a try. After selecting the target, DJI OM4 will automatically track the selected object body, and then start tracking and recording, which is very accurate. The author tries to shoot the running in normal mode, and the specific stability effect is shown in the figure. This stability effect is no problem for professional video materials. It is worth mentioning that if the movement mode is turned on, users can run and change direction more quickly, and the reaction of the platform will be more sensitive, and the final video stability effect is not different. In the past, the photographer and the photographer were required to cooperate with the panorama, and then the shots were taken one by one, and finally synthesized. Now, Dajiang can complete the panoramic photos of the separation by using the preset mode built in, according to the guide Station in the mobile phone. Dynamic zoom, that is, Hitchcock zoom, is a kind of dazzling video shooting technique, which is often used to create a tense and suspense atmosphere. It was first appeared in the works of Hitchcock, the film master, and thus was named. This kind of shooting requires the combination of moving machine position and changing focal section of lens in reverse, thus producing strong visual impact. If the dazzle can be produced under the condition of large amplitude and fast zoom, the photographic equipment needs to be able to push / pull smoothly and zoom smoothly without splitting. Now, we can complete the whole shooting process automatically by using DJI OM4. According to the prompt operation, the difficulty of shooting this advanced shooting technique is completely eliminated. It is also possible to set the starting point, process point and end point of delayed shooting by using DJI OM4 to finish the delayed photography, and to support the customized direction and track of motion. And there is no need to match professional cameras and slideways. The motion delay allows us to take the delayed photography in the mobile state by using DJI OM4. It is very suitable for some long lenses to follow and take while walking in the current mirror. It is more practical. It is necessary to change the video option to rotation mode directly, and when you move the rocker, you can control the rotation of the platform. The rotating lens breaks the balance of the picture, even the novice white can also take the visual effect of the dream space. The story mode provides a standard template for users, including different shooting themes such as picture combination and music. Users can complete a small video with theme only by shooting several clips in the template according to the app prompt. This means that even the white user can shoot short films with design and editing feeling directly, and show one of the social software. In terms of hardware, the design of cards made before DJI OM3 is not friendly for users who frequently assemble mobile phones. A complex operation will take a lot of time. This is completely solved on the new generation of DJI OM4: independent magnetic suction type mobile phone clamp can be installed easily after it is stuck and pasted on the cloud platform. The addition of magnetic suction design also means that the phone can be opened directly after the installation of the phone, and it is not necessary to remove the “leveling” link. It is a rare gospel for beginners, especially for users who use the cloud platform for the first time. Besides, the lifting perception of shaft and motor is not obvious, and the stability effect is not different from DJI OM3. “< p > < p > software, DJI” OM4 has added some functions, mainly including intelligent follow 3.0, dynamic zoom, rotation mode and panorama: [/p > < p > among which the addition of intelligent follow 3.0 allows users to automatically follow the shooting by simply selecting the objects needed to be photographed in the residence; dynamic zoom allows users to avoid the trouble of manual zoom while shooting the dynamic picture. As for the rotation mode, it is not only able to shoot similar effects, but also more simple when shooting dynamic close-up and rotation effect around a product; the panorama of the separation is more interesting. Compared with DJI OM3, DJI OM4 is not an upgrade and innovation. The main change is to simplify the structure of mobile phone cloud platform and introduce magnetic suction design. The price of 899 yuan is 200 yuan higher than the first price of the previous generation. It is more suitable for users who are not good at adjusting the balance position of mobile phones. [/p > < p > 1. DJI OM4 greatly reduces the difficulty of using for new people Xiaobai. It is worth the purchase cost of 200 yuan compared with DJI OM3. At the same time, for the old users of DJI OM3, DJI OM4, which is not completely innovated, can be regarded as DJI OM3 with magnetic suction design, and there is no need for upgrading. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top supp