The market competition is too fierce, Huawei mate 30 Pro also reduced the price by 1200, and the top flagship “depreciated”

Is 5g mobile phone going to reduce price when it is just popular? Many small partners always think that the price reduction is only for 4G mobile phones. Unexpectedly, 5g flagship also ushered in a wave of “strong price reduction”. This time, it can provide more choices for friends who have not yet changed their planes. So the flagship with reduced price today is not other models, but the most high-end flagship model of Huawei mate series. < / P > < p > as can be seen from the third-party platform, Huawei’s top flagship 5g mobile phone has already dropped 1200 yuan and began to be “civilian oriented”. Let’s learn about the performance. At the end of last year, Huawei’s flagship version of 4G Pro was launched at the end of last year. As a high-end and high-end product of Huawei mate series, it mainly focuses on top-level experience. Naturally, when it comes out, its price is very beautiful. It starts nearly 7K, which makes many fans somewhat daunted. < p > < p > however, in a short period of more than half a year, Huawei mate 30 Pro 5g version has a 1.2k price fluctuation adjustment, which is very attractive. So, put aside the status and ability of the past, whether it is “devalued” like the price? < / P > < p > first of all, from Huawei mate 30 Pro 5g used to be the most proud photo. It uses Sony imx600 sensor, 40 million Leica four camera configuration, independent movie lens, telephoto lens, etc., supporting dual anti shake, 30 times digital zoom, etc. < / P > < p > used to be the number one in the world on the DxOMark ranking list. Now, the score of 123 points is still in the top five of the list, ranking second only to Huawei’s P40 pro in many mobile phones of Huawei this year. Therefore, its shooting ability can not be ignored. It can be described as “powerful” and can still experience Huawei’s high-end representative technology. Secondly, from the perspective of hardware and 5g performance. Although Huawei mate 30 Pro 5g can be regarded as an early 5g mobile phone, its hardware is equipped with Kirin 9905g SOC, which is the world’s first 5g integrated chip and Huawei’s best chip so far. Both the performance of 7Nm EUV process and the dual-mode 5g function enable it to run various tasks smoothly and quickly. < / P > < p > at the same time, the emui system with multi screen collaboration also has a sense of science and technology in operation. Huawei has all these features and advantages. Before the arrival of the new 5nm chip, the hardware of the machine can not be said to be “devalued”. < / P > < p > then, in terms of appearance, Huawei mate 30 Pro 5g adopts 88 degree hypersurface OLED ring screen, which has strong visual impact and boundless effect. Many high-end machines have begun to learn to imitate this year. In addition, the round Oreo camera on the back also has a strong sense of Huawei’s logo. Although this year’s competitors have similar structures, its high-end quality can be identified at a glance. < / P > < p > in terms of endurance, the 4500mAh high-capacity battery is larger than the 4200mah capacity of Huawei P40 Pro this year, and 40W wired and wireless fast charging are complete, without any defects. < p > < p > on the whole, although Huawei’s mate 30 Pro 5g has reduced its price, it is still the most worthwhile model to start with. Mate Series has always been the most abundant model in Huawei family, and many “black technologies” only use mate series. In addition, Huawei mate 40 will be released in September, and there may be a wave of price reduction for mete 30. You can start at that time, which should be the most cost-effective! Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year