The mobile phone giant mistakenly thought to have fallen, but in another brand-new field, low-key has become the world’s first

With the development of science and technology, the mobile phone industry is in the stage of vigorous development, many excellent mobile phone enterprises in the fierce market competition. For example, the famous overseas enterprise apple. Samsung, China’s Huawei, millet, hammer and so on, have made great achievements. There are ups and downs, many of the old mobile phones, such as Jinli, Duowei and other enterprises, are now operating in dismal conditions.

However, there is an old mobile phone giant that we often mistake as having fallen. In fact, not only has HTC not collapsed, but it has also achieved the world’s first good result in VR field. It is just because HTC is too low-key that it is hard for outsiders to know. With the popularity of HTC in VR industry, many people begin to be interested in the process of HTC, an old mobile phone giant, turning to VR industry.

HTC, as an old mobile phone giant, was established very early. In 1997, HTC, which is mainly engaged in the production of mobile phones and computers, was established in Taiwan. Its authority is Wang Xuehong, the daughter of Wang Yongqing, the “God of business” in Taiwan.

HTC in the early stage of operation had a flat response in the mobile phone market. Until September 2008, HTC OEM produced the world’s First Android operating mobile phone htcg1, which was customized by American operator t-mobileusa. As the first Android smart phone in the world, htcg1, with its intelligent operating system, excellent hardware and amazing appearance, has sold as many as 1.5 million units in the pre-sale period alone, which makes HTC popular.

after producing the world’s First Android smart phone, HTC took advantage of the iron to develop and produce “G Series” mobile phone products, which are popular with consumers. Moreover, with its strong capital and scientific and technological strength, HTC has successively produced the world’s first dual camera mobile phone, as well as the globally integrated metal mobile phone, becoming the dominant mobile phone market leader.

according to HTC’s public data, at its peak, HTC’s annual shipping volume reached 43.5 million units, ranking the fifth in the world and becoming a well deserved mobile phone giant. However, in the fierce market competition environment, HTC’s market share was gradually snatched by Nokia, Samsung, apple and Huawei.

until 2010, a patent war broke out between HTC and apple. HTC, which ended miserably, began to go downhill, and the sales of mobile phones dropped sharply, not compared with that of that year. In 2012, HTC, which was in difficulty in operation, was involved in a patent lawsuit with Nokia, and the development of the company was even worse.

with the rise of domestic mobile phone brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi, HTC’s limited market share has been plundered. According to HTC’s public data, HTC only had less than 2% of the global mobile phone market in 2013.

even if Google later acquired part of HTC’s business, “HTC with its back on the tree” did not improve, but went from bad to worse. According to HTC’s financial report, in 2017, HTC’s share of the global mobile phone market was only 0.68%. Later, in order to stop the loss in time, Wang Xuehong announced to close all online sales channels of HTC in 2018. This once old mobile phone giant stepped into an unprecedented predicament.

although HTC has entered an unprecedented predicament in the mobile phone market and made huge losses, Wang Xuehong has not been defeated. Thanks to the family wealth accumulated in the previous heyday, HTC did not immediately enter the situation of rout, and there is still room for turnaround.

in order to develop HTC again, Wang Xuehong decided to change the business entity. This time, she focused on the emerging VR market. As a result, HTC’s R & D and production focus shifted to VR products. In 2015, HTC released the vr virtual reality helmet product HTC vive. Once launched, it was welcomed by consumers and opened the door of VR market.

in 2017, HTC, which has made great efforts to launch the VR all-in-one machine vive focus, has shocked the VR industry once again. HTC, which used to be defeated in the mobile phone market, is now exploring new areas. Wang Congqing, President of HTC in China, once said that only HTC can build a complete ecology in the field of mobile VR.

according to htc2019’s quarterly report, in the first quarter of 2019, HTC’s VR products accounted for 35.7% of the market share, far surpassing Sony and Samsung, ranking first in the world. In June 2020, HTC has launched HTC vive XR suite, which is the most advanced three-dimensional virtual application suite. In this regard, IDC predicts that HTC’s VR products will reach 65.9 million units in 2022.

now, relying on the precise business sense and the courage of bold transformation, HTC, which once failed in the mobile phone market, is the first in the VR market. Although the current VR market is not as large as the mobile phone market, it is also in the stage of vigorous development. Perhaps in the future, we can see more refreshing HTC. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?