The mobile phone market has entered the shuffle stage, and brands without core technology will eventually be eliminated by the market

In the second half of the year, domestic mobile phone manufacturers are busy distributing their products, and the sales data of the domestic mobile phone market in the first half of the year have appeared. In the first half of the year, the total domestic mobile phone shipment was about 140 million units, which had a very significant decline compared with previous years. Of course, the main reason is that all walks of life have suffered a heavy blow because of the special period this year. Relatively speaking, the impact of the mobile phone market should be greater. The decline in overall sales means that the competition in the mobile phone market is more intense than in previous years.

in the data, Huawei is still at the top of the list. In the past two years, Huawei has occupied a large share in the domestic mobile phone market, and has become the largest mobile phone giant in China. Although Huawei’s sales volume in the domestic market has been greatly improved this year, the situation in the overseas market is not optimistic. Since the first half of the year, Huawei has shifted its focus to the domestic market. Taking advantage of Huawei’s unfair situation in overseas markets, it has aroused the sympathy of many domestic consumers. It has to be said that Huawei’s emotional card has been grasped at the right time.

and vivo mobile phone ranked second, which may surprise many consumers. However, since domestic friends started the dual brand strategy, vivo mobile phone took the lead in launching the air sea strategy. There was a time when one or two new products were launched every month. Under this huge product quantity accumulation, the sales volume of vivo mobile phone in the domestic market has also been greatly improved. At present, vivo accounts for about 16% of the total domestic mobile phone sales, but this situation should not last long.

oppo mobile phones are next in the third place. The situation of these two mobile phone manufacturers is roughly the same, but relatively speaking, oppo mobile phones are more innovative than vivo mobile phones. In the first half of this year’s patent technology list, oppo mobile phone with more than 1900 patents became second only to Huawei. Therefore, in the long run, the development of oppo mobile phone is better than that of vivo mobile phone.

Apple mobile phone ranked the fourth place. Speaking of this, we have to lament the power of Apple mobile phone again. When domestic manufacturers are vigorously promoting 5g mobile phones, it is surprising that apple can still occupy such a heavy share of the domestic market based on 4G mobile phones. The last one is Xiaomi mobile phone. Xiaomi’s share in the domestic market is getting lower and lower, which should be related to the strategy of Xiaomi mobile phone. After all, the focus of Xiaomi’s mobile phone this year is basically developing overseas markets, such as India and Germany.

Author: zmhuaxia