The mobile phone store spent 2550 yuan to buy “Huawei”, which is 200 yuan more than the official website? Staff: reasonable price

Guide: the same electronic products, after a period of time, the price will be reduced, this is very normal. Nowadays, it’s very convenient to buy mobile phones and other electronic products. You can not only go to the physical stores, but also through the network, and then choose a more suitable one. < / P > < p > a man bought a Huawei mobile phone in a mobile phone store. Later, he found that the price was 200 yuan higher than the official website. Therefore, the man asked a reporter for help. How did the business deal with this matter? Mr. Liu lives in Zhejiang Province. Not long ago, he bought a mobile phone for his mother-in-law in a mobile phone store. At that time, he told the clerk that he wanted nova7, and the price was 2999 yuan. Finally, Mr. Liu spent 2550 yuan, and the store gave a charger and a headset cable. However, later, Mr. Liu checked the Internet and found that the price of the official website was 2399 yuan. The mobile phone he bought was of low configuration, not nova7, but nova7se. Mr. Liu thought he was cheated by the store owner, so he went to the reporter for help. < / P > < p > the reporter and Mr. Liu came to the store again. The boss took out a small ticket to buy a mobile phone. It was really written as Huawei nova7se, with Mr. Liu’s signature on it. The store owner said that Mr. Liu felt cheated and should provide evidence, and said that the store had never sold nova7 at all. < / P > < p > the reporter looked at the counter and did not see nova7. The clerk who sold Mr. Liu’s mobile phone that day was not in the store, so he could not understand the situation at that time. Mr. Liu is very dissatisfied with this. Even if he chooses this mobile phone, the price of this shop is nearly 200 yuan higher than that on the official website. A shop assistant said that this is not an official website. As long as the price does not exceed 30% of the market price, it is reasonable. Besides, Mr. Liu also gives gifts when he buys things. < p > < p > after negotiation, the store owner gave Mr. Liu a refund of 100 yuan, but Mr. Liu still felt that he had suffered a loss. He reflected the situation to the manufacturer. The manufacturer said that if it was purchased through regular channels, it was more expensive than the official website price, and customers could complain. However, because the store was not directly operated by Huawei, the manufacturer could not intervene in its price. However, after the manufacturer contacted the mobile phone store, the mobile phone store removed the Huawei 5g + brand. Mr. Liu also reflected the situation to the regulatory authorities. The staff said that the price of 2550 yuan ordered by the shop did not violate the regulations, but the merchant finally returned the goods to Mr. Liu. < / P > < p > when you buy a mobile phone, you must check whether the phone the shopkeeper takes is the one you want. Although some mobile phones have the same name, there are great differences in configuration and price. Some bad mobile phone mobile phone as like as two peas, some people don’t understand, look at the shell of mobile phone are the same, think it is exactly the same product. < / P > < p > if you don’t know the configuration of the mobile phone, you can buy it directly on the official website or go to a direct store to buy a mobile phone. The price of mobile phones purchased by non direct stores may be cheaper than that on the official website through bargaining. However, it is difficult for businesses to deal with problems, and some even deliberately cheat customers. Have you ever had a similar situation when you bought a mobile phone? Welcome to leave a message for discussion. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia