The most difficult thing about writing is that you don’t have anything to write. If you learn these four points, you can write good articles every day

Hello, I’m Xia Jiu. Welcome to my 15 zero basic writing and money making course column, which teaches you how to write in your spare time to achieve an annual income of 100000 + in sideline. In view of some friends’ doubts about whether I have made more than 10000 yuan a month, I would like to show you some of my income. We media writing is still feasible. < / P > < p > other platforms 2, which are also my main platforms, have been profitable since the first half of the year and have been stable for more than 10000 yuan per month. They are still being calculated in September and 17800 + in August. < / P > < p > well, to show you part of my income is not to show off anything, but to make my friends who like writing firm their confidence. As long as you are willing to learn and write frequently, it is not an empty word to realize the “writing in your spare time and realizing the annual income of 100000 +” in the sideline. Last class, we talked about writing articles every day. Where do we come from? This paper introduces several methods and channels to obtain the topics and materials continuously, and also emphasizes that it should be recorded and stored in time to prepare for the subsequent writing. Good memory is not as good as rotten writing. It is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice. The accumulation of daily materials directly determines the quality and level of future articles. A lot of people say that they have nothing to write about, or at the beginning of some writing, they feel that they are at their wits’ end. Because there is no material accumulation, naturally can not write. However, how to collect and organize materials is also a knowledge. Today, we will talk about how to collect materials and how to make good use of tools to build our own material library. < p > < p > writing time consists of two parts: one is to prepare materials for writing, the other is to sit down and write articles. The process of writing can be roughly divided into: setting the theme – finding the material – outlining – writing the first draft – revising the final draft. However, this does not mean that it must be carried out strictly in this order. With the improvement of materials, it is possible to find materials or to deduce the outline of materials. Finding material and setting a theme are complementary. After all, setting a theme is based on getting inspiration from certain materials and thinking about what to write according to the theme to find the corresponding material. < / P > < p > I think smart readers can see that there are two ways to collect and organize materials when an article is born. One is to determine the theme of the article, consciously to collect material. The other is to establish their own material library, write a certain topic, and then extract from the material library. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally