The most miserable dragon 865 flagship! Listing fast half a year only 19000 evaluation, take what and millet 10?

In order to avoid falling behind when 4G switches to 5g, Huawei’s ov Xiaomi in the first half of this year adopts the air sea strategy, and new aircraft are constantly launched. There are more flagship ships with a price of more than 3000 yuan than any other year. However, the number of models does not mean that someone will buy it. Carrying the snapdragon 865 does not mean that it is Zhenxiang flagship. Only Xiaomi 10 series, Yijia 8 series, Hongmi K30 pro and iqoo neo3 are selling well, and the rest are very general, especially the 5g flagship real X50 of realme brand Pro, this mobile phone was released on March 12 and launched on March 19. It has been five months since Jingdong has evaluated only 19000 +, ranking the bottom of the mainstream snapdragon 865 flagship. Even the sales of vivo nex3s are higher than that of this mobile phone. < / P > < p > realme is oppo’s online brand. It entered the domestic market last year. The time it took redmi to enter the domestic market was about the same as that of redmi. However, redmi was accepted by users in only one year with the support of Lei Jun and Lu Weibing. The price paid by realme is not small, but few people know about it. Realme X50 Pro was launched to compete with Xiaomi 10. Xiaomi 10 was released on February 13 and realme X50 Pro was released overseas on February 24. This is also the second domestic flagship carrying the snapdragon 865. Unfortunately, the version of the National Bank has been delayed until March 12. < / P > < p > there are many reasons for the failure of realme X50 pro. The popularity, screen and price are the three main reasons. The X50 Pro adopts the dual hole full screen which was popular last year. The E3 Samsung AMOLED screen supports 90hz refresh rate and 180hz touch sampling rate. The peak brightness is as high as 1000nit, and the display effect is very good. Unfortunately, single hole full screen is popular this year. Xiaomi 10 uses E3 Samsung AMOLED single hole screen, and the tiny opening is more in line with the needs of users. If the X50 Pro also uses a single hole screen, even if it is a face-to-face screen, the sales volume will be much better. Because most of the users of realme brand are from online, these users pay more attention to performance. As long as the hardware is stacked to the top, it doesn’t matter whether the photos are good or not. However, X50 Pro uses dual aperture screen in order to have better self shooting effect, which is unacceptable to online users, and the low sales volume is not difficult to understand. Now realme has realized this problem, and all the newly released machines adopt single hole screen. < / P > < p > realme X50 Pro is also the second mainstream flagship of snapdragon 865 that supports 90hz refresh rate. However, it is a pity that no one will buy it because of this screen.

price, Realme knows that brand awareness can not compare with millet, and want to achieve awesome effect. Besides X50 Pro’s configuration, it also has a shocking price. Only the price performance ratio exceeds millet 10, users will ignore the dual hole screen selection X50 Pro. The price of the 358gb + 358gb version is not noticed. Although the price is 400 yuan cheaper than Xiaomi 10, don’t forget that the configuration of realme X50 Pro can’t be compared with Xiaomi 10, and the price difference between hardware is much more than 400 yuan. < / P > < p > if the X50 Pro could be set at 2999 yuan, it would certainly sell well. 65W fast charging was also very powerful at that time. Now we can only watch Xiaomi 10 become a popular model, but no one has bought realme X50 pro. Under all kinds of helplessness, realme has to launch the X50 pro player version to clear the inventory. Mobile phone game player

Realme X50 Pro player price is still awesome, the front end of this phone is reduced from 32 million pixels to 16 million pixels, and the postmaster camera has reduced from 64 million pixel Samsung GW1 to 48 million pixel IMX586, and the other aspects have not changed. The current price is 2999 yuan. It should be said that the X50 pro player version in stock is more worth buying than the X50 pro. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”