The most outstanding township enterprises: more important than photolithography machine, 810 pieces monopolize the world, apple and Samsung are inseparable

Generally recognized by the public, industry “giant” means huge size and strong ability to create wealth. Of course, the more intuitive feeling is that the institutions are all over the world and the number of people is large.

but there is such an industry giant that monopolizes 90% of the global market and produces equipment with a price of up to 114 million US dollars, which is still in short supply in the market. However, in sharp contrast, it has only 300 employees. This enterprise is Canon Tokki from Japan, whose Chinese name is Canon Tokki.

Canon Tokki, founded in 1967, is located in the city of kanfu on the North Bank of Honshu Island, Japan. There is no bustle and bustle in the metropolitan area here. The company is surrounded by rice fields. In this sense, it is a “township enterprise”. However, it is such a humble enterprise that it is the most famous OLED distillation equipment manufacturer in the world.

the main application markets of OLED include smart phones, TV, VR, wearable devices and other emerging consumer electronics fields. According to the data, in 2018, the global output value of OLED was $25.5 billion, and it is expected to reach $50 billion in 2020, with an average annual compound growth rate of 40.0%.

but the technology of OLED screen production is very difficult, especially in distillation. The luminescent materials and metal electrodes in OLED screen are evaporated by vacuum evaporation lithography machine. If this link is missing, OLED is actually a glass plate.

Canon Tokki’s popularity has been boosted by the rapid growth of OLED market. Canon Tokki, which has mastered the world’s most top-level OLED distillation equipment manufacturing technology, is equivalent to having the art of turning stone into gold.

it is understood that the price of Canon Tokki’s vacuum evaporation machine is as high as US $114 million, equivalent to nearly RMB 800 million. But even with such skyrocketing prices, the market is still in short supply, and the number of orders has been arranged for several years.

because only Canon Tokki’s vacuum evaporation machine in the world can control the error range of OLED products within 5 microns, and this number is the diameter of human cells.

apple, the electronics giant, even explicitly stipulated that it would not accept OLED panel production lines without distillation by Canon Tokki company’s distillation equipment.

Canon Tokki is to the OLED industry what ASML is to chips. They are the foundation of the foundation. The pattern that the vacuum distiller wins the world is increasingly prominent.

Samsung display, a Korean panel manufacturer, has long occupied a monopoly position on OLED mobile phone screens. According to IHS statistics, Samsung currently accounts for about 95% of the small and medium sized OLED panel market. The reason why Samsung can dominate the panel market depends on Canon Tokki’s strong support.

Samsung has a deep relationship with Canon Tokki. Canon Tokki’s early start-up is the initial stage of research and application of OLED materials. At that time, OLED products were not only expensive, but also extremely low compliance rate. At that time, the mainstream screen material in the market was LCD.

the narrow market of OLED can’t support Canon Tokki’s production and operation, and its operation situation is very difficult. For a long time, Samsung, which adheres to the OLED technology route, is Canon Tokki’s only big customer. It can be said that without Samsung’s full support, Canon Tokki would not be today.

of course, Canon Tokki is also grateful. When OLED technology has gradually become the mainstream product in the electronic screen industry, Canon Tokki has also given priority to Samsung.

as the OLED manufacturer with the largest number of Canon tokk distillation equipment in the world, Samsung has established its absolute dominance in the field of OLED screen.

Canon Tokki’s success is a model of the combination of craftsmanship and modern industrial system. With its unique charm, it has explained to the world that “small” can not only be “beautiful”, but also become a giant as long as it has unique core technology. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia