The most powerful iPhone ever! Top seven iPhone 12

The new iPhone has been officially released. Apple has brought us four iPhones with different sizes and configurations. This is the most powerful iPhone in history. Why do you say that? What are the features of this iPhone? I summed up the seven “best” of the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > strongest performance. Apple’s A-Series chips of each generation have the strongest performance among smart phones, and this time is no exception. A14 bionic is the first chip in the world to adopt 5nm process technology, and its performance has nearly 20% improvement compared with the previous generation A13. It has surpassed the performance of other chips, and has leaped forward again. As apple describes the A14, “the only competitor is the last self.”. < / P > < p > the strongest video capture. In the field of photography, some Android phones have surpassed the iPhone, but in terms of video shooting, the iPhone is still the best camera phone. The ability to shoot videos on the iPhone 12 has been further improved. Apple has improved its low light shooting performance by 27%. The iPhone 12 even supports shooting 4K HDR video in Dolby horizon, which is the first mobile phone to support shooting in this format. < / P > < p > is the strongest and most resistant to falls. Apple has equipped the whole series of iPhone 12 with solid glass panel, which Apple calls “super porcelain crystal panel”. By adding nano ceramic crystal into the glass, the scratch resistance of iPhone glass is greatly improved; the redesigned fuselage edge improves the anti drop ability of iPhone 12 by four times, which is the most durable and fall resistant iPhone in history. < / P > < p > the most delicate display screen. Apple’s standard OLED screen on the full line iPhone 12, LCD screen completely out of the stage of history. Not only the material is changed to OLED, but also the screen resolution has been greatly improved. The screen resolution of the smallest size iPhone 12 Mini reaches 2340 * 1080476ppi, which is the most delicate iPhone with screen display at present. < / P > < p > is the most environmentally friendly. The iPhone 12 is all without chargers and headphones. Only the mobile phone, data cable and data are included in the package. According to Apple’s explanation, it’s for environmental protection and reducing carbon emissions. It’s worth mentioning that the charger and headset of the old iPhone have also been cancelled. This is a major change in Apple’s accessories and will reduce the environmental impact of the large number of accessories. < / P > < p > this year’s iPhone upgrade is still very comprehensive. The new design, new colors and powerful performance are enough to surprise people. The iPhone 11 is the best-selling model in the world, and the iPhone 12 should also live up to expectations. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing