The new king of Internet mobile phone was born. Huawei surpassed Xiaomi and won the 818 sales champion

The new king of Internet mobile phone was officially born. In fact, most users are not surprised by the success of glory mobile phone. After all, Huawei’s glorious brand has successfully suppressed Xiaomi in the domestic market for two years. However, as far as the author is concerned, it is really incredible that glory can still keep ahead of the sales volume in the case of Xiaomi’s continuous efforts this year to launch a number of new products with high cost performance. After all, from the product point of view, both Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition and Hongmi K30 supreme commemorative edition are the most popular models in their respective price segments. < p > < p > moreover, the 10th anniversary keynote speech of Xiaomi brand has just passed, and many rice noodles are still immersed in the feelings of the past ten years. With Lei Jun taking the goods personally, the Xiaomi brand has been in the limelight in August. In contrast, glory brand suffered a lot from sanctions against Kirin chips. Although there are still new machines to be launched, they have not received enough attention from consumers due to the use of MediaTek processors, and the product heat is not at the same level as millet. < / P > < p > although the Kirin processor is facing the crisis of out of production, according to the previous news, there is no problem in coping with this year. Therefore, the glory phones equipped with Kirin chips are in normal production and sales, and there is no shortage problem. In contrast, although Xiaomi new machine has a great momentum, its actual preparation is not sufficient. It is difficult to increase the total sales of the brand by new machines alone. This is the fundamental reason why Xiaomi has been honored in the market in the past few years. If the supply problem can not be solved, Xiaomi will never be able to return to the first place on the line. < / P > < p > the international situation is not good for Huawei. Many users choose glory mobile phones to support Huawei. Although Ren has shown more than once that patriotism has nothing to do with which brand of mobile phone to use. But from the standpoint of Chinese people, I believe most people will want to support Huawei after seeing what happened to Huawei. < p > < p > generally speaking, the victory of glory over Xiaomi is not only due to strength, but also to the help of “timing”. What do you think of this? Let’s talk about your point of view. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine