The new missile defense system of Japan and the United States will deploy at least 1000 satellites to monitor the surrounding missiles from space

Recently, the relationship between China and the United States is very tense. As a member of the “club” of the United States, Japan has been “re used” by the United States. It has not only participated in joint military exercises, but also played an important role in Sino US confrontation. According to previous reports, the Japanese and American governments will jointly build a system for detecting and tracking missiles by multiple small satellites. The plan of the United States is to launch more than 1000 small satellites, including some small satellites used for missile defense. In addition to tracking missiles, the satellite network composed of these small satellites can also monitor ships, aircraft and other weapons and equipment. In this way, missiles can be controlled from space. In fact, the details of the U.S. goal are already very clear through this plan. < p > < p > Japan has also decided to join the U.S. program, and the cost of this program is also very high. According to relevant reports, the total cost of the U.S. program is as high as 1 trillion yen, and the cost of a small satellite alone is worth 500 million yen. Japan should not only help the United States technically, but also help the United States share the cost. The reason why the United States began to ask for the implementation of this plan is actually worried about the military threat from China and Russia. The United States had planned to implement the plan before. However, due to the lack of domestic technology and various reasons, the plan did not come true. However, the United States has never given up. Since its own country cannot achieve this goal, it should find a help Hands. Obviously, Japan has become the choice of this helper. < p > < p > when the relevant media reported that the United States was extending its olive branch to Japan, it said that the satellite network was built to deal with the new hypersonic weapons developed by China and Russia. At present, the United States is very concerned about this high-tech weapon and is very afraid of it. The measure the United States has come up with is to use the satellite network to track and block this high-tech weapon Strike. Japan’s geographical location is not only very suitable, but also can provide technical and financial assistance, and the program is very beneficial to both the United States and Japan. < / P > < p > Japan needs to constantly close its relations with the United States, enhance its international status through cooperation with the United States, and show the importance of the United States in foreign strategy. At the same time, Japan can also collect more intelligence by using satellite networks, whether in the field of security or according to the Japanese government’s statement, it is also great for Japan to obtain climate and disaster information It’s good. In the face of such a threat, what China needs to do is to strengthen its own capabilities. According to experts, the realization of the plan needs not only money but also time. It is the best policy for China to seize the opportunity to accelerate its development. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing