The official announced that the iPhone 12 will come next Wednesday. Will you buy it?

Less than a month after Apple’s fall launch in September, it’s time for the iPhone 12 series to officially launch. Because of well-known reasons, Apple’s flagship series of mobile phones didn’t hold in September’s fall launch as scheduled, and the iPhone 12, which had been delayed for nearly a time, is finally coming. < / P > < p > Apple has just released an invitation letter to launch its new product in autumn. According to the invitation letter, the new product launch will be held on October 13, and the protagonist of this conference can almost be identified as the new flagship model of iPhone. It is expected that four mobile phones will be released in this conference, namely, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro max. < / P > < p > this is also the most important press conference of apple this year. The release of the new flagship iPhone will determine the sales of Apple’s mobile phone market this year and its future development opportunities. It is reported that the four machines are expected to use right angle frames, bringing higher screen share and larger screen. Among them, the iPhone 12 Mini may be a small size phone with a 5.4-inch full screen iPhone, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max may have a large 6.7-inch screen. < / P > < p > according to previous market reports, the four new models will be equipped with A14 processor. In terms of photo taking, in addition to three lenses, the iPhone 12 Pro Series will add a radar laser scanner on the iPad pro to achieve more accurate distance positioning, so as to achieve better ar effect. < / P > < p > this is Apple’s first 5g version of the iPhone. Different sizes of iPhone 12 may support 5g network. In terms of release time, the two iPhone 12 machines may be available in October, while the iPhone 12 Pro may be officially available in November. Of course, in any case, Apple will also be in the Christmas sales season, timely delivery, and Foxconn as a representative of the OEM enterprises are also busy for apple. However, apple is expected to launch a cheaper iPhone 12 that only supports 4G, which is not necessarily available at next week’s conference. All four machines support 5g, which may be one of the highlights of this conference. In terms of price, it will continue to be relatively cheap as previously expected. It is reported that the price of the standard version of the iPhone 12 Mini starts from $649, about 4406 yuan; the price of the iPhone 12 is from $749, about 5085 yuan; the price of the iPhone 12 Pro is from $999, about 6783 yuan; the price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is $1099, about 7500 yuan. However, Guo has predicted that in order to save costs, Apple will no longer configure headphones and charging adapter in the package box of the series iPhone 12, but only one data cable. The move is seen as a strategy for apple to promote its airpods Pro products and to create an atmosphere for tie-in sales in its accessories market. Because the price is relatively balanced, only find some opportunities to reduce costs in the packaging, which is also a marketing tactic of apple. < / P > < p > meanwhile, at the next week’s conference, Apple will launch a series of peripheral products, including new Apple headphones, smaller homepod speakers, Apple TV and Apple’s game handles. Even apple arcade + game services will be upgraded. Of course, some of the specific features will be known in a week. < / P > < p > what we are concerned about is that one of the important markets Apple aims to launch this new product is the Chinese market. Under such a price configuration, will Chinese users still rush to buy Apple iPhone 12 products? You know, Wall Street predicted that a large number of users of iPhone 6 series products in the Chinese market have entered the “machine change tide” cycle. In the face of this 5g version of the iPhone 12 release, the Chinese market may become an important market for apple to seize market share and marketing opportunities. What’s more, Huawei lacks the most important chip support in the competition with apple because of the supply interruption of the U.S. government. How users choose will become the key to the success of Apple’s new generation of flagship products. Skip to content