The official version of Android 11 is released, and these mobile phones of Bank of China will adapt to it

After months of testing, Google has finally released the official version of Android 11. It is reported that in addition to Google’s own pixel mobile phones, domestic brands oneplus, realme, oppo and Xiaomi will also carry the official version of the system. < p > < p > Google says more mobile phone brands will receive official Android 11 announcements in the coming months. The Android 11 system has strengthened the protection of users’ privacy and security, and users can set application permissions at one time. If you haven’t used an app for a long time, the permissions will be reset automatically. < / P > < p > in addition, the Android 11 has become more convenient in the interaction of smart home. User power button to place the control in the grid. In this way, some operations such as switch can be realized quickly. In addition, Google is also adding media controls to enable you to switch the output of playback to headphones, speakers and even TV, making it easy for the device to switch. Older posts →