The online video number of xiaohongshu will provide 10 billion traffic support and other rights and interests for creators

TMT will officially launch the video of “blue whale” on the 15th, and the longest video of “blue whale” will be released on the 15th. At the same time, the platform will give video Number creators a variety of rights and interests, including 10 billion flow support, preferential recommendation for business cooperation, one-to-one guidance for operation, cash and flow tool awards, etc. < / P > < p > the video number also upgrades the video publishing management function and UI experience. The creators of video numbers can obtain the work data from “creator ranking” and “creator center”, so as to intuitively perceive user feedback and optimize the direction of creation. < / P > < p > at the same time of releasing the video number support policy, xiaohongshu also announced the recruitment rules to recruit creators with more than 500 fans in xiaohongshu station or more than 50000-500000 fans on multi platforms outside the station. < / P > < p > he Tong, head of xiaohongshu community business, said that xiaohongshu’s original intention of releasing video number was to make sure that video is the future lifestyle Frequency shows the power to change people and achieve people. The release of the new products and policies hopes to encourage creators of various categories to record and share their lives with videos in xiaohongshu. It is understood that at the beginning of July, xiaohongshu launched the “video number seed program”, inviting more than 100 outstanding creators to join the video number in advance. Up to now, the daily average of seed creators of video numbers has reached 120000, and the average of creators of middle waist has increased more than 50000. < p > < p > according to the data released by xiaohongshu, 97% of the creators of xiaohongshu platform have published video notes, and in the past six months, the number of videos released on the platform has increased by four times; among the creators who have doubled their price, 90% have video publishing behaviors and habits. At present, nearly 70% of active users have the habit of consuming video notes. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12