“The other party patted your little head”, QQ online double-click Avatar “poke a poke” function

It home news on September 10 that Tencent QQ Android version 8.4.8 has now joined the new “youth mode”, which supports double-click on the avatar. In addition, in the official version of QQ Android version 8.4.8, the group chat time is long press the chat box “write together”, a new random match is added to a party, a new member ranking list is added to the group chat, a new “dead party” is added to the intimate relationship, and anonymous Q & A is added to the data card. < / P > < p > a new “youth mode”, more concise social experience, more pure learning atmosphere; group chat, long press the chat box “Write together”, a number of practical templates, code word smart pen flowers together; Party add random matching, quickly launch the game, easy team play; double-click the head portrait to poke, more fun interaction; group chat new members list, happy chat, dominate the list; Close relationship added “cronies”, invited friends to bind together; data card added anonymous Q & A, quietly asked questions, to see what friends really said. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”