The person who likes to play with mobile phone before going to bed, if the body appears these 5 performance, or inform you: liver is bad

With the progress of science and technology, the function of mobile phone is becoming more and more powerful. While mobile phone brings convenience to everyone, it also makes many people become slaves of mobile phone. No matter walking on the road, sitting in the car, even eating, going to the toilet, sleeping, the mobile phone can’t leave your hand, and you don’t know what to do when you leave the mobile phone. < / P > < p > especially before going to bed, many people like to play with their mobile phones. On the surface, it is to cultivate sleepiness, but actually it has become the cause of staying up late. If long-term staying up late leads to insufficient sleep, it will damage the liver. < / P > < p > when the liver function declines, many diseases will come to you. Therefore, those who always play with mobile phones before going to bed must pay attention to these changes in the body. Once found, it means that the liver is calling for help. Be careful of liver function damage. < / P > < p > people generally think that playing with mobile phones before bed will damage their eyesight, but they don’t know that playing with mobile phones before going to bed will also damage liver. Because the liver opens to the eyes, long-term eye fatigue will damage the liver. If you play with your mobile phone before you go to bed for a long time, the dark environment will lead to strong light on the mobile phone screen, which will stimulate the eyes and easily damage the eyesight, which will consume a lot of liver blood and cause liver function damage. < / P > < p > playing with mobile phones before bedtime can also lead to brain nerve excitation and failure to fall asleep as soon as possible, which will affect the detoxification and repair of the liver, reduce the body’s immunity and easily cause liver lesions. < / P > < p > when the liver is damaged, the eyes will also be implicated, and the eyes will be dry and painful, and all kinds of discomfort. If you wake up in the morning and find that the eyes are dry and astringent, most of them are caused by insufficient liver blood. In addition, hyperactivity of liver fire will make the eyes blurred and even red and swollen. Hyperactivity of liver fire will make the liver Qi go up, and then cause liver function damage. < / P > < p > always playing with mobile phones before going to bed will lead to insufficient sleep, which will seriously affect the endocrine system and cause endocrine disorders, thus affecting the liver’s detoxification work. When toxins can’t be cleaned up in time, excessive toxins will accumulate in the liver, which will lead to various organs of the body unable to work normally, hormone imbalance in the body, and a large number of acne will appear on the face. < / P > < p > we know that night is the time for the liver to repair. If you always deprive the liver of its rest time and make it work tired, the liver function will be decreased and the detoxification ability will be weakened after a long time. After the toxin in the body increases, some harmful substances will be discharged from the body through breathing, resulting in bitter breath and bad breath. < / P > < p > and the halitosis caused by liver damage can’t be eliminated by brushing your teeth alone. If you find that even if you brush your teeth frequently, you can’t improve the halitosis, you should go to the hospital for liver function examination in time. < / P > < p > the liver is located in our right upper abdomen. If the liver has pathological changes, it will lead to liver enlargement, and the tension of the liver capsule will be expanded. If it is pulled to the liver area, it will cause pain. If you always have pain in your right upper quadrant, it is a sign of liver disease, and you should see a doctor in time. < / P > < p > the urine color of healthy people will be transparent or light yellow. If there is a problem with the liver, the metabolic capacity of bilirubin will be affected. More bilirubin will run into the blood, and the color of urine will change and become like strong tea. < / P > < p > although the mobile phone is good, it should be used in a proper way. Good sleep can help to nourish the liver and blood. Therefore, it is necessary to form the habit of falling asleep before 11:00 p.m., and do not stay up late to hurt the body and liver. < / P > < p > if the sleep quality is not high, or long-term insomnia, we suggest that we do not rely on playing mobile phones to boil time. We can often drink Suanzaoren Lily tea to improve. < / P > < p > the tea formula of this tea is mainly composed of 9 kinds of materials, such as sour jujube kernel, licorice, lily, lotus seed, mulberry, etc., which can be directly brewed with boiling water! Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine