The post-80s are still trying to pretend to be young. The post-90s have made nostalgia a business

Daily business news near the end of the year, the major media have taken stock of the hot Internet words in 2020, “yeqinghui” is duty bound to have a name in the major lists. In the 2020 bullet screen list released by station B, < / P > < p > the “memory killing” is not just a series of bullet screens with the keyboard on the screen. In reality, the economic minded post-90s have long held the banner of nostalgia and turned nostalgia into a business – < p > < p > on the wooden counters with glass inlays, there are rotary dialing telephones and portable tape recorders, posters of beyond and slam dunk experts are pasted on the walls, and on the shelves are nine made tangerine peel, Melissa, little raccoon noodles and wine chocolate White elephant instant noodles < / P > < p > on the ground floor of Longhu Tianjie street in Binjiang, many post-80s who walk into this snack shop called “childhood snack light” will feel the smell of childhood. < / P > < p > after 95, the assistant said that the company has opened seven or eight stores, all of which were first opened in scenic spots. Binjiang is the first store of the company to enter the business circle, which has been open for three months. It’s not just the post-80s and post-90s who like to come to the store to look for “memory killing”. Many little friends will come too. Who can refuse snacks? < / P > < p > the reporter saw that an expensive one on the Internet should be 2168! The store owner said that this is not a replica. It’s really an old stock in the 1970s and 1980s, including old fidelity. At the bottom of this post, six people said they wanted to browse more than 660 times. < / P > < p > the shop owner, whose net name is “old dream in tender years”, is a Virgo boy born in the 90s. His shop description said: “every day to work, monthly wages are not enough to buy Dolls. One or two can’t make up for the deficit, so it’s even more Buddhist. It’s just a matter of fate. ” In his shop, most of the 253 treasures sold are toys of the last century, and 49 of them have been sold. < / P > < p > also a nostalgic toy seller, Mo Yanxue, the little sister of post-90s Gemini, told reporters that she is an art student and has always been interested in these historical things. “They can reflect some things of that era.”. < / P > < p > since 2015, she has been collecting antique toys by visiting stalls, idle fish and antique markets. Now she has collected 500 or 600 pieces. If the collected toys don’t look good, she will transform, reassemble or spray them. < / P > < p > “moyanxue” said that selling these nostalgic toys on the Internet is not to make money, but more to share these toys with netizens with stories and origins, so “it’s very reluctant to sell each one.”. < / P > < p > an iPhone 4 with a price of 40-80 yuan in the second-hand market, carefully twist its body with a screwdriver, gently take out every small part of it, and then mount them all into a photo frame. A sample of iPhone 4 is born, which can even be sold for 800-1000 yuan on the Internet. < / P > < p > the reporter randomly browsed the Internet and found that not only the iPhone 4, but also many old models of the iPhone series are available for sale. The seller “Cheng 4408” told reporters that the price of making samples for models after the iPhone 5S is higher. < / P > < p > from the perspective of psychology, the process of nostalgia is the process of extracting vivid memories of the past. Therefore, nostalgia experience can strengthen the individual’s sense of social connection, repair and satisfy the sense of belonging. For some negative emotions, nostalgia has a certain repair compensation effect. Wang Zhiping, Professor of economics at Zhejiang University of technology, believes that each of us has a nostalgic complex to varying degrees. By using, appreciating, or collecting some items from the past, we can satisfy the desire for nostalgia and have a unique effect. Nostalgic economy is to meet this demand and rise, so there is a certain market. < / P > < p > according to the survey conducted by Zhimeng consulting, a trend research organization, 53.7% of people asked if they were nostalgic sometimes, 39% said they were nostalgic often, and only 2% said they were never nostalgic. Among the “post-80s”, 61.2% thought they were nostalgic, while 28% of the “post-90s”. < / P > < p > the smart post-90s just saw this opportunity to cater to consumers’ nostalgia, stimulate the rebirth of consumers’ long-term memory, and take advantage of the tide of nostalgic economy. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?