The post-90s Baoma opened a noodle shop and was too anxious to sleep because of her bad business. She made money with a “free” move

Why is it more and more difficult to do physical store business now? In fact, it is because of the problems of many owners of physical stores. They only think about how to sell their goods, but never serve the customers well. But now is an era of product flooding, customers have too many choices and comparisons. This directly leads to the price war of merchants, and the profit can only be lower and lower. In addition, with the impact of e-commerce, customers can buy directly from the source, and the physical stores have lost their fundamental advantages. So now the owners of physical stores should pay more attention to the idea of selling goods into people-centered service thinking, so as to provide customers with real convenience and benefits. Today, we have a case. The owner of the noodle shop not only recovered the previous loss, but also made the noodle shop prosperous and locked in more than 6000 regular customers by using a move of “free noodles”. < / P > < p > in the case to be introduced to you today, the protagonist’s surname is Tang. Boss Tang is a beautiful woman born in the 90s. Although boss Tang is only 26 years old, he is already the mother of a 5-year-old child. Boss Tang got married early. At the age of 18, he met his husband. After two years together, he entered the palace of marriage. After that, he became a mother of a child at the age of 21. In fact, boss Tang’s education is not high. He only has a college degree. If he looks for a job, he can’t find a particularly good job. After all, the threshold for a good job is high. Boss Tang thinks that he can’t find a satisfactory job anyway, so he just stays at home and takes care of his children. After all, boss Tang’s husband’s income is OK. Boss Tang’s husband is a sales man. When he is good, he can get twenty or thirty thousand yuan a month. If he is in the off-season, his income will be less, but there are also 89000 yuan. For a family of three in an 18th tier city, the income is very good. But later, boss Tang’s mother-in-law fell ill and suffered from breast cancer. Although she was conscientious, she also spent a lot of money on the operation. Although there is medical insurance, but also let boss Tang realize that money is not enough, still have to have savings. < / P > < p > at this time, boss Tang started to start a business. He had no ability and could not open a company, but it was OK to open a small shop. Considering the conditions of his home, boss Tang didn’t make the scene very big. He just set up a shop in the mall and opened a noodle shop. In fact, the noodles in boss Tang’s noodle shop are a little expensive. A bowl of beef noodles costs 20 yuan, even a bowl of plain noodles costs 8 yuan. Naturally, the business will not be good. In order to open the shop, boss Tang spent all his family’s savings and borrowed a lot of money from his parents. He lost money and couldn’t sleep in a hurry. Fortunately, boss Tang’s husband was engaged in sales, and after understanding the situation in the store, he also gave a few suggestions to boss Tang. What are the advantages of boss Tang? The store is opened in a shopping mall. In addition to customers, there are also many employees in the mall, so there must be no shortage of customers. Moreover, the noodle shop opened in the mall seems to be much higher than the street shops. For customers pursuing quality, boss Tang’s noodle shop still has some advantages. What about boss Tang’s disadvantage? In fact, the disadvantage is obvious, that is, the price problem. Many customers who come to shopping malls are not willing to eat noodles. They prefer to have a big meal. For the staff of the shopping mall, the price of noodle shop is too expensive. They come to work, and their income is not very high. Naturally, it is impossible to spend so much money on a bowl of noodles. However, if the noodles are reduced in price, boss Tang will certainly have no money to earn in the face of high rent, so this is also a problem. Skip to content