The power bank also needs fast charging, several excellent fast charging mobile power supply let you from constant electricity on campus!

With the beginning of students’ life on campus, the time of using mobile phone will be longer and longer, and the frequency will be higher and higher. The power consumption of mobile phone is very fast, so it is necessary to use the power bank when going out. Nowadays, the improvement of mobile phone’s fast charging power makes charging faster. If you take an ordinary power bank when you go out, the charging speed will be like returning to the primitive society. Therefore, many manufacturers have been following up and launched the fast charging power bank. We should also pay more attention to the brand and quality of the power bank, so as to be more efficient and safe. The following is to recommend these quick charging power bank for you to do a reference. < / P > < p > the quality of Rolex power bank is very durable, and many friends have already contacted it, so the appearance of this brand’s power bank is not unfamiliar. However, rosense 6 + still has the flavor of the family of romanis, and has upgraded the fast charging, supports 18W fast charging and is compatible with many mainstream protocols, so that Xiaomi, Huawei, apple and other mobile phones can achieve fast charging. < p > < p > romanse sense6 + has a capacity of 20000 Ma and a volume of 160x80x22.6mm, which can not be said to be very bulky, but it is also not small. The overall weight is about 445g, which is really inconvenient to carry in the pocket. The dual port output supports the intelligent identification function, and can automatically allocate the required current for the connected equipment. If two devices with large charging demand are connected at the same time, the current will be evenly distributed, which is sufficient for daily use. I believe that the old users of romais will have a feeling of reunion after a long separation when using this fast charging charger. < / P > < p > like Roma, the first power bank of many friends is Xiaomi’s. Xiaomi is also constantly upgrading, and the latest Xiaomi mobile power supply 3 has added 18W bidirectional fast charging function, which further improves the product competitiveness. As for the interface, Xiaomi mobile power supply 3 is equipped with two usb-a output interfaces, one type C and one micro USB interface. Type C supports charging and discharging at the same time, so it can charge three devices at the same time. In addition, Xiaomi mobile power supply 3 has high configuration version to choose from, and the charging power is increased from 18W to 45W. The weight of Xiaomi mobile power supply 3 is 434g, which is normal at this capacity, but still within the acceptable range. Go out with this millet mobile power supply, as rice noodles you, there is no more comfortable. < / P > < p > when it comes to Beisi, the most common ones are the data cables and various mobile phone and computer accessories in his home. The product line of Beisi is very complete, and the commonly used mobile phone accessories are basically available, with good quality and durability. The main highlight of this 22.5w fast charging power bank launched by Beisi is that it supports 22.5w fast charging, and directly marks the power on the front of the power bank. < / P > < p > this power bank adopts a metal shell, which can improve the handle and heat dissipation. The overall net weight of the product is about 404g, slightly smaller than the above two products. In terms of interface, the product provides three kinds of charging plugs and three output ports, which can support three devices charging at the same time, pd3.0 + qc3.0 dual protocol bidirectional fast charging, and multi protocol fast charging. The battery capacity is 20000mah, and LED digital display screen can be more convenient to see the detailed power of the power bank. < p > < p > Huawei’s 18W two-way fast charging mobile power supply is made of alloy shell and has four colors. The black version looks simple in appearance, and its main selling point is ultra-thin and light. The overall weight of the power supply is about 225g, which can be easily carried in the pocket. In terms of interface, the product is equipped with a usb-a output interface, a type-C input interface, four LED power indicator lights and a power button. < / P > < p > although the capacity of the product is only 10000 MAH, which can make the mobile phone last for more than two times, daily use is not a problem, but 20000 MAH power supply of other brands can be purchased at the same price. Although the cost performance ratio is not particularly excellent, it is not difficult to find through the disassembly and evaluation that the product performs well in terms of the amount of step-down chips and other high-frequency interference elimination materials. When you use the mobile phone and the power bank, it can reduce the interference of the mobile power supply on the mobile phone, further reduce the ripple output, and ensure the stability. Of course, it’s up to you whether you pay for this feeling or not. < / P > < p > OK, the above are some good brand chargers recommended. Although the rapid charging of mobile phones is developing rapidly, some mobile phones can even be fully charged within half an hour. It can be predicted that the power bank will gradually withdraw from the stage of history. However, at a time when battery technology has not yet made a breakthrough, the power bank is still very helpful in emergency at critical moments. Especially for some severe mobile phone patients, the power bank often accompanies me to have a sense of security. So do you often bring a power bank with you? Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

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