The price is only 249 yuan, the experience is doubled, and the music game experience of Nank Lite semi in ear Bluetooth headset is available

Many people are not interested in Apple’s airpos2 in ear Bluetooth headset. Although the powerful noise reduction is indeed the biggest advantage of in ear Bluetooth headset, the in ear sound insulation is more uncomfortable once we are walking or eating, especially listening to songs while eating. My God, what the earphone hears is the sound of your chewing and spitting blood. So, on the contrary, I prefer the first generation of apple airpods. However, people who have used the first generation of airpods know that they have been using it for a year. They can’t last for half a year, such as diabetes insipidus, and they can’t hold on for an hour even after going out. It’s really hard to love. < / P > < p > so I stopped looking at the 8900 yuan airpods this time. Instead, I turned my attention to the “Nanka Nank” headset. As shown in the above figure, I first bought a model and found that the price was 249 yuan, which was very expensive, even more comprehensive than the first generation of airpods. Therefore, this time happened to be an it mobile phone The website has a trial activity, so I applied for another one for my family. Isn’t this cute.

is as like as two peas headset I have now, two NANK LITE ears, and the white one is pink. What I feel is very nice for girls. The natural packaging of the package is the, best gift… < / P > < p > the official accessory is a short type-C charging cable, but on display, my own Android phone charging cable is also universal. It is recommended that you do not throw away the earphone, because if you do not read the manual, you may have some doubts, such as how to operate the play / pause music. I am a bit confused for the first time. I always think that clicking is a pause. In fact, the play / pause of Nank Lite is a double click on the earphone touch area on either side. < / P > < p > Nanka Lite headset is extremely beautiful, and it’s my favorite half in ear. Compared with the real wireless Bluetooth headset TWS, I prefer this kind of Bluetooth headset with ear handle. It can hold the ear handle well when you take it out, wear it and place it. It’s easy to drop the real wireless Bluetooth headset TWS when you hold it. < / P > < p > whether the box is opened or closed, the current power level in the storage bin will be lit on the charging box. The four grids naturally represent 0-25%, 25-50%, 50-75% and 75-100% of the power respectively. < / P > < p > and when we put the headset in and close the cover, the box will use the top indicator light and the bottom indicator light to indicate that the left and right ears are being charged respectively, and when the light is off, the headset is fully charged. < / P > < p > the built-in Hall switch of Nank Lite makes the headset turn on instantly when the box is opened. If you have already connected Bluetooth, it will automatically connect with Bluetooth. At the same time, the headset will also send out a prompt tone of Bluetooth connected, which is very fast. < / P > < p > because of its semi in ear design, I personally like this kind of semi in ear wearing. Wearing it all day will not cause pain like in ear earphone. < / P > < p > and the left and right ears of Nanka Lite support seamless switching between single and double ears. The dual hosts can operate independently. Put one headset back to the charging bin, and the other headset can still receive and make calls, and the master-slave can switch automatically. < / P > < p > its Bluetooth connection is also very convenient, but you must remember to turn on the “HD Audio: qcomm aptx” function in the mobile phone, because the chip used by Nanka Lite is high pass 3020, which supports AAC and aptx HD lossless transmission. In addition, Bluetooth 5.0 chip is equipped with ceramic antenna signal enhancement technology, so the connection is stable and the delay rate is extremely low within 15 meters. < / P > < p > if your desktop PC or laptop has a Bluetooth module, of course, you can directly connect your computer to Nanka Lite to play Netease cloud music. Especially for those lovers of minimalist desktop, wireless is too convenient. < / P > < p > in the audio quality test, my evaluation of this headset is: the sound field of other Bluetooth headsets which are absolutely higher than 249 yuan at the same price is fair, and the deficiency is precisely because of its semi in ear design. Therefore, compared with the in ear Bluetooth headset, its low-frequency diving will be worse. If you want the kind of shocking low-frequency with high-frequency, it is obvious that this headset can not be given You enjoy this kind of enjoyment, it is more suitable for those who like to go out to walk, run, or daily life at home that kind of leisurely use, rather than let you listen to rock and roll headphones. < / P > < p > I have also tested the delay rate. The test game is to open a qualifying match and experience while playing. The delay will still exist, but it is very small, and it will not affect the game experience. Compared with the soundcore Bluetooth headset I tested before, the delay rate is much better. < / P > < p > in addition, for the users using Xiaomi mobile phone and apple mobile phone, using the three-click touch area of Nanka Lite, it can activate “Xiao AI classmate” and “Siri” Ai voice assistant with one key. Even if the mobile phone is in the pocket, it is not necessary to take out the phone to make a call or inquire about information. < / P > < p > to put it simply, if I already have the headset, I want to apply for another one for my family, which shows that this headset is worth using at least in my opinion. Moreover, the price of 249 yuan is really not expensive. Students who like half in ear can really get started with this Nanka Nank Lite semi in ear Bluetooth headset. It has 4G weight, ipx5 waterproof, 5 hours of service life, type-C interface, double click on add / subtract volume, double click pause, 13mm composite diaphragm LCP large unit, and sensorless wearing experience. It’s worth buying one! Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?